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The Latest Celebrity Gossip From Mr Paparazzi

Out In London Last Night…

Last night London certainly had its fair share of celebrities out on the town.

First we caught up with X Factor judge Louis Walsh who was all smiles when we spotted him doing some Christmas shopping with a mystery male companion on Kensington High Street.

After that we headed over to the Mayfair Hotel where we bumped into Kelly Brook, Freddie Ljungberg, James Nesbitt, Ronan Keating, Elton John and last but not least David Furnish. Oh and Louis was there as well, he certainly gets around doesn’t he?!

Oh Dear, Only In China….

We know this story isn’t really celeb related but we couldn’t resist showing you these pictures of China’s take on Christmas and Santa is sort of a celebrity right?

Staff at a zoo in Wuhan ditched the traditional reindeer in favour of an ostrich to entertain the public. Well, now we’ve seen everything!

Nicole Richie Has A New B.F.F…

Nicole Richie was all smiles as she took her daughter Harlow to paint some pottery at Color Me Mine in Los Angeles on Saturday.

The former Simple Life star recently admitted she loves parenthood claiming, “It’s the best thing in the world” and “Harlow and I are best friends.”

So that explains why Paris made her recent reality TV show. Aw, shame, relegated by a teeny tot.

Nurse Winehouse Is Ready For Duty…

Amy Winehouse has been helping to look after patients at the private clinic she’s staying at in London.

The Back To Black singer has been staying at the rehabilitation centre for almost three weeks, but she nearly got chucked out recently after a visit from Blake sent her back to her old binging ways. So in a desperate bid to stay in their good books, Amy has been helping the nurses to look after patients by serving them meals. A hospital insider revealed:

“She has been charming the nurses by helping them with their tasks. She’s been mucking in.”

Never mind looking after other people Amy, you should worry about looking after yourself…

Lindsay Lohan Makes A Fool Of Herself…

Whenever we see photos of Lindsay Lohan she’s always got a mobile phone glued to the side of her head. So it was no surprise to us when we found out that her constant obsession with chatting on the phone got her into a bit of trouble yesterday.

Whilst Lindsay was yapping away on the blower during a shopping trip in West Hollywood, she passed a group of waiting paparazzi. As she wasn’t paying attention to what she was doing the Mean Girls actress accidentally got into the back seat of a photographer’s car, instead of her own chauffeur driven ride. Realising her mistake, the red faced star quickly got out of the pap’s motor and hopped into her car alongside her assistant. That’ll teach her…

Russell Brand Goes Home With Three Women

Russell Brand is back in London, and he’s up to his old tricks. After going to the Bedtime Stories premiere in Kensington last night, where he snubbed journalists on the red carpet, the comedian headed to Vendome in Mayfair.

Sitting in the VIP area of the club, Russell selected a bevy of beauties to come and sit with him. An onlooker revealed:

“His booth was crowded with attractive girls, but Russell spent most of his time chatting to a striking brunette. They were huddled up close and he was whispering in her ear.”

Though Russell made a big show of walking past photographers by himself at 2am, the cheeky star managed to smuggle a whole group of girls home with him. A source revealed:

“Russell called it a night just before 2am. He made of point of appearing to leave alone, but his security team had already bundled three girls, including the brunette, into his car.”

You can run Russell, but you can’t hide!

Source by Mr Paparazzi

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