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Yurts Perfect for a Romantic Getaway or Family "Glamping"!

In an age where the global community as a whole, with the United States in particular, is attempting to curb harsh environmental practices from air pollution to recycling, it seems as the green movement is here to stay!  Everything from reusable grocery store bags to legal measures placed on automobile manufacturers setting caps for air emissions have taken over our society and even the housing community has seen changes.  Enter yurts!

An eco-friendly form of alternative housing, yurts were initially an ancient Mongolian practice from around the 13th Century where nomadic tribes traveled with their herds across Asia with their homes in tow using oxen.  Modern day yurts are more stationary but travel just as easily if owner’s ever want to move it to a new location making this housing option extremely popular, which is why yurts have seen a popular resurgence within the last half decade.

Used everywhere from resort facilities to eco-conscious homes, the yurt structures that appear as large tents made of cedar are famous for how durable, mobile, and efficient they are when it comes to resisting hot, cold, or stormy weather!  Easily disassembled and erected from location to location, the ancient versions were assembled using wooden slats, leather ties, and softened sheepskin.  They would be re-located and hauled whenever the tribes decided to search for greener pastures or areas with better weather conditions if it was in the midst of a hard season.  Russia, Mongolia, and greater Siberia all still house some of these conventional yurts.  However, modern-day yurts can be found just about anywhere nowadays!

Today’s yurts, although contemporary, do stay true to their ancestor’s characteristics; adjustable, easily blending with the surrounding environment, and able to be moved without effort, these alternatives to mountain chalets, log cabins, and beach bungalows have all of the modern-day necessities with many times more style!

A now trendy option for family camping trips, yurts are commonly associated with the newly labeled concept of glamping, or glamorous camping.  Staying in a contemporary yurt still allows guests to be close to nature and the cozy woods, while being warmed with central heating and steeping in a nice Jacuzzi tub!  No need to weather the harsh elements when bundled up in a spacious king-sized bed and preparing dinner in an up-to-date full kitchen.  The only hunting you’ll have to do is for the remote!

Not invasive to the surrounding environment they are placed in, yurts are gaining green movement support from conscious citizens around the nation, but especially within Washington, Oregon, and Colorado.  With the rise in ecotourism helping bring yurts more notoriety, they have begun popping up in locations like ski resorts, campgrounds, and adventure travel hotspots nationwide.  The structures are so customizable that they can range from a modest circle with a bed and fireplace to a full blown dwelling with walls, bathrooms, and bedrooms.  Perfect for those wanting to try glamping with the family!

No need to worry about Mother Nature as the latticed walls and windows prevent cold entering throughout the winter and stops the heat from baking the yurt during the summers, all while allowing sufficient light to illuminate the glamorous dwelling.  The more advanced yurts add walls and breaks in the floor plan for bedrooms and bathrooms while still allowing the open air space for the living room and kitchen.  And staying true to its environmental consciousness, the yurts are built using beams on raised platforms to minimize any impact on the land it is located on!

Ideal for the green movement supporters, or anyone fascinated by these luxurious woodsy structures, yurt living and vacationing beats camping on the floor with an air mattress or sleeping bags in dated tents.  Found on various campsites, these well-designed buildings provide everything and more for any persons taste whether staying at a resort or simply seeking a fun family camping experience!

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