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Why Hong Kong Judges to Wear Wigs?

Judges and lawyers in court wearing a wig is the UK’s most distinctive traditional court, one by the British judicial system in some far-reaching areas of the former British colony, we can also see this unique culture with British imprint, such as China Hong Kong SAR.

Why do British judges and lawyers wear full lace wigs? Many people who study history have suggested various different interpretations,but these explanations are difficult to convince all the people.

One explanation is that during the Middle Ages, excessive fatigue and disease make the judiciary have hair fall out prematurely, in order to cover up his “extremely intelligent” before the public,  Full Lace Human Hair Wigs began to pop, then, wig convention King became a British court.

Another explanation, the judge said he was wearing a  Lace Front Wigs  is a highly respected, and lawyers wear wigs to cover up to a certain extent and protection play a role, because they fear the results of his defense can not be recognized by the accused and their families. But so much is a reasonable explanation, as it is with the lawyers who prepared the feast out discredit their jokes. According to a recent survey showed that: 57% expressed dissatisfaction with the lawyer’s wig, wait for it to take off, because these woven horsehair wig from the very expensive cost is very unhealthy, generally a wig necessary to use a lifetime, there is a family lawyer with a hair at the age of 94 years of antique, passed down four generations of people, called heirloom.

According to historians and folklorists study, the British tradition of wearing a wig fashion began about the twelfth century, when the patent is not just judges and lawyers, the upper class people will be wearing a Human Hair Lace Front Wigs as a kinds of time Still, is to attend a formal occasion or formal dress salon gatherings.

An expert points out, the use of the judiciary and the common wigs are different. In England, the judicial wig three on each side curly and royal personnel have only two, whether this represents a very subtle metaphorical meanings unknown. But the Scottish people always gets up against people like and England, because in Scotland, it was in turn, royal personnel with three curly wig and judicial personnel only have two curly.

Production cost of expensive 100% Indian remy Human Hair  Wigs is artificial and not material, it is not difficult to obtain because horse-hair, and making very fine wig, and no way to get through the machine or production assembly line batch production. Production a wig need a skilled craftsman spend about 44 hours of labor, including weaving and curly. Finished product usually have four color: white, golden brown, shallow gray and gray, in some British colonies of old, such as west Africa and the Caribbean, white is very popular, in Britain, at the golden brown and gray most popular.

Generally speaking, a judge’s wig over 1500 pounds, and the most common wig, also not less than 300 pounds.

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