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Why Do Teenagers Sleep So Much?

A teenager’s bunk bed gets more dozing action than beds owned by the majority of adults, but it isn’t just because they are young and have nothing to do but sleep. Most teenagers have a legitimate need for at least nine to ten hours of sleep each night, with some requiring even more on a consistent basis just to feel well rested and energetic.

There are three main reasons that teenagers need so much sleep.

* Growth & Development
The teenage years are marked by rapid growth and internal developments which take a lot of extra energy for the body to perform. While it may seem to parents like a teenager just suddenly jumps up in height or suddenly has outgrown all of their blue jeans, there is a lot of hard work going on inside a teenager’s body to make that sudden growth occur.
Since a teenaged body is using so much extra energy in order to grow, it makes sense that they would also need additional rest in order to restore their energy.

* Hormonal Fluctuations
While all of that growth is happening, the hormones are simply raging inside a teenaged body. There are emotional upsets and confusing mood swings which can take a lot of emotional energy away from the body. Teenagers may often feel overly exhausted simply because of these hormonal fluctuations going on inside the body.
We typically associate hormonal changes with a boy’s cracking voice or a girl’s need to purchase a bra, but it turns out the need to sleep longer hours or take naps whenever possible is a side effect of these ever changing hormones as well.

* Physical Activity
Most teenagers are a lot more physically active during the day than the typical adult. They are attending school, playing sports, meeting friends at various places just to hang out, and attending parties and other social functions. Somewhere in the middle of it all they have to find time to study and do their homework and keep up with chores and other home obligations.
There is barely a boring moment in the life of a teenager today, so it’s no wonder their heads hit the pillow and you don’t hear from them for ten hours or possibly even more some nights!

Plus, being a teenager is mentally stressful, especially for girls. There is a lot of drama and upset that goes on in the world of teenage girls and even teenage boys can have a lot of conflict and emotional stress that goes on with their friends, girlfriends, and others that they see at school.

All of this emotional stress and drama combines with the business of their life and the hormonal changes happening within their body to completely destroy their energy levels. They need so much sleep because they are recovering from all of that activity and allowing their bodies to re-energize.

Don’t be alarmed if your teenager goes to bed early some nights and wakes up as if they have hardly had any sleep at all.
Most teens need a minimum of nine hours of sleep in order to feel fully rested in the morning. If they are not consistently getting that amount of sleep then it is not unheard of for some teenagers to sleep eleven or twelve hours before they lift their head from the pillow and finally feel ready to get up.

Source by Jason Lewis

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