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Whats So Special About Memory Foam Mattresses?

Memory foam mattresses are superior to other mattress varieties if you are looking for something that will give you additional support and help reduce the frequency of back pain. This is because this is basically one reason they have been put onto the bedding market: they help with orthopaedic problems.

Memory foam is actually made of a special material that was invented by NASA. This was originally for use within their spaceships, to provide comfort for the astronauts in the extreme conditions, but since it spread first to the use of sports equipment and medical tables, and then into bedding. The way that the foam, which is actually made of plastics, works is that it absorbs the body heat of the user and moulds to their shape. This does what a good bed should do and means that the spine can remain straight instead of curving down, as would happen with too soft mattresses, or up, which would happen with a mattress too firm for the user to sleep on. This is one factor which makes memory foam special, as it means that you should not experience some of the pain and discomfort that can, at times, be associated with sleeping on uncomfortable surfaces.

The fact that the foam works in its own unique way, that is revolutionary to any sprung mattress, is what makes it so special. It took years of research to manufacture it so it was good to use and did its purpose. The layers of the mattresses are designed so that only the top one absorbs your heat, and the lower layers are a firmer, cooler consistency and will provide the support that will stop the sagging you may anticipate in a mattress as pliable as memory foam mattresses are.

Another excellent fact about memory foam is also one associated with health. The material is one that will not harbour allergens or mites, so the bed bugs wont bite if you are lying on memory foam at night. This is also excellent for those allergic to dust, pollen or any other little particles, that a standard mattress could harbour and get into your system. This means that those little annoyances you may suffer from will not be as bad once you get memory foam to sleep on, and you can have your windows open in the spring and summer without worrying that your bed will collect particles that can make you ill.

All of the reasons outlined above make memory foam special: good for your bone structure; reducing the chances of an aching body; the innovative material it is made from and the fact it will not collect all the allergens floating around the house.

You can even get memory foam toppers for your bed, as well as pillows, which mean you can have the comfort of memory foam mattresses and sleeping, whatever your budget may be. They are definitely worth all of the hype and the slightly higher expense though, as they can do you many benefits that a standard mattress will not.

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