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What You Need To Know About A Miami Vacation

When traveling to Miami, like anywhere else, it is always good to be prepared. There are several tips that can not only save you money, but help your vacation to run smoothly. There are things that you will need to bring, not to mention, different ways that you can save your money and stay safe during your trip. You will also need to know what the weather will be like and if there is a threat of a hurricane.

We will start with the proper supplies. Besides the obvious items that you will bring to Miami, such as, swim wear and swim gear, you will also want to bring a very good stock of sunscreen. For a fair skinned person, it can only take 10 minutes on the beach to burn. Even if you are of dark complexion, you would be mistaken to believe that you are immune to the sun. This is because even with a dark complexion, you can and will burn under the Florida sun. So, remember the sunscreen. You should also apply the sunscreen every time you dry off after getting in the water.

Knowing the Miami, Florida weather can help when you are planning outings or going to events. First off, if you are planning your vacation in either June or August, those months have the most rain out of the entire year. Also, anyone who has lived in Miami knows, during these months, pretty much everyday it will rain between 4pm and 6pm. So, try to plan your outings around those times and always bring an umbrella. As far as severe weather, it is very hard to predict, but March through May usually sees the heaviest of severe thunder storms. However, you can always contact the Miami National Weather Service to be sure. Further more, Florida is the lightning capital of the world, so if you happen to be out on the beach and you see lightning, or hear thunder seek shelter. Lighting can strike you from over a mile away, so even if it sounds far off, still seek shelter. Lightning kills and injures an astounding number of tourists, as well as residents each year.

Staying safe during hurricane season is very important when you are considering taking your vacation during that time of year. Hurricane season in Miami, Florida starts June 1st and ends November 30th. So, if you are planning your vacation during these months, be very careful. You can keep track of impending hurricanes online through the Miami National Hurricane Center. However, if you happen to get stuck in a hurricane, it is good to stay informed through the local weather channels, as well as keep a battery powered radio to stay up to date if the power goes out. Do not, under any circumstances, go to the beach during a hurricane. The surges and the rip tides can be deadly. Also, it is a good idea to find out where the nearest evacuation route and shelter is, if you can not make it out before the hurricane hits. As long as you follow these guidelines you will be able to have a fun, safe vacation in Miami, Florida.

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