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Understanding Innerspring Mattresses

Walk into any Los Angeles mattress store and it immediately becomes clear that mattresses come in many types.  From memory foam cores, to latex, to innerspring supports, there is a lot to take into consideration while at the mattress store.  The crux of any good mattress is the support.  Unless a soft core is wanted, such as memory foam, latex foam, or air, innerspring is the most commonly purchased type of mattress.

That almost sounds simple.  But there are different types of innerspring support systems, and they should be considered when mattress shopping.  The effectiveness of the wire coil gauge is directly related to the support system used.  This means that different systems require different gauge steel coils.  As a result, each type of innerspring system has different effects on the sleeper.

Bonnell innerspring mattress support systems, also commonly called “open” systems, are built of coils in hourglass shape.  Each hourglass shaped coil is attached to every coil on each side of it by other, small coils.  The small midsections of the hourglass shaped coils are often weak spots, and Bonnell innerspring mattresses tend to wear out faster than other types of innerspring systems.

Offset coil innerspring mattress support systems are very similar to the Bonnell system but the coils are more cylindrical in shape.  This creates a stronger coil that is better able to distribute weight.  This improved distribution of weight means less wear on the coils and the mattress lasts longer because of it.  The coils in offset coil systems have squared tops, or heads, allowing the mattress to contour more smoothly, thus creating a more comfortable sleeping platform.

The newest development in innerspring coil systems is the Marshall coil system.  These mattress supports feature springs that are not connected to each other, but are instead individually wrapped in fabric.  Because the springs are not attached, movement creates less disturbance across the bed.  However, as the coils cannot distribute weight across several coils at once, it is very important that individually wrapped coils be made of twice-tempered steel.  This will help ensure coil strength and durability.

Continuous coil innerspring systems are the opposite of the Marshal coil system.  Instead of separating the coils, or connecting them with other coils, the continuous coil system is made of rows of coils where each row of coils is made of one piece of wire.  Using just one wire to make several coils means that weight is easily distributed across the mattress.  This makes for a more comfortable night’s sleep, as well as a mattress that holds up better and lasts longer than other types of innerspring mattresses.

The innerspring support system is one of the most important parts of a mattress.  It determines how comfortable the bed is as well as how long the mattress will last.  Knowing which type of innerspring system is preferred makes the trip to the Los Angeles mattress store less confusing and a more relaxed experience overall.

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