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Top Tips for Motorhoming Through the Seasons

More and more motorhomers are choosing to take their breaks right through the autumn and winter months, enjoying the view of frosty fields and misty hills that British weather never fails to deliver. So if the summer has been a bit of a washout for you, why not get the thermos packed and see what autumn and winter has to offer?

Every year hundreds of their customers continue to use their motorhome throughout the autumn and winter, and providing you take the necessary precautions your holiday can be just as enjoyable as it would be in the sunshine.

The key is to get organised, and think about how you can protect your motorhome from the elements. If you’ve got a motorhome with an internal water tank then the risk of it freezing isn’t as great as one where the tank or pipes are exposed, but check all areas where water is going to be present and make sure it’s properly insulated. The last thing you want is the water freezing in the cold and bursting your pipes, so use slip on insulation foam to protect them when the weather turns frosty.

Many newer motorhomes are specially equipped to work all year round, even in very cold weather, but if your motorhome is a little bit older you need to make sure everything is properly protected. As well as insulating exposed water and waste pipes you may want to consider a small fish tank heater to stop your water freezing inside the tanks. These are relatively inexpensive and can be used throughout the winter to stop both your waste and fresh water tanks from freezing.

With the proper preparation your motorhome can become your own personal cosy lodge, a place to warm frosty toes after a refreshing walk or enjoy hot chocolate before turning in for the night. There’s so much in Britain to see and do throughout the year, that many people are turning their back on the 4 days of sunshine our summer provides and looking to the rest of the year to provide a welcomed break.

Make sure you do your research and find a site that has all the facilities you need – remembering that cold weather means you’ll be using a lot more energy to keep your motorhome warm, so you may want to only visit sites with electric hookup and gas bottle services. This doesn’t mean a limit to your choice though, there are hundreds of sites up and down the country that are open all year round and have everything you need for a comfortable and enjoyable break.

Some other useful tips:

  • Reflective insulating screens designed to fit your windscreen and other large windows hugely reduce heat loss when parked up.
  • Make sure the air vents in the driving area are shut to avoid cold drafts.
  • A small porch awning gives you a place to remove muddy boots before going inside. They are also less susceptible to wind and much more practical than a large awning that you are unlikely to make full use of in cold weather.
  • Butane can freeze as temperatures get near 0°C. Propane will not, so consider your fuel carefully if you know the weather is going to be really cold.

You don’t have to restrict yourself to the summer months to have a great holiday, and as long as you’ve packed the wellies and hot chocolate you don’t even need to worry about the weather. Just pack carefully, get the motorhome properly setup and get out there!

Source by Heather Robinson

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