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Top 10 Reasons to Work From Home in 2008!

By Rachel Henke, © 2007

1. Freedom

It’s an amazing feeling when you realise that you no longer have to ask permission to go to the dentist! Unless you have experienced the sense of freedom that working from home can give you this may be tricky for you to get your head round. Trust me … you need to try it. Break free and put your plan to Escape the Rat Race together today. There are so many wonderful ways to do it that if you feel like you’re suffocating in the workplace it’s time to go to Plan B.

2. Home and Family Life

You can be there for your family and work your schedule round their very demanding one! It might be young children, elderly parents or perhaps you keep animals. My two children are thankfully very healthy but even so, all children sometimes need to take a day off for various reasons. When I worked for someone else this used to give me stomach ulcers! When we settled in the UK and I discovered how many half-terms and Personal Development days there are I nearly had a nervous breakdown and that’s when I decided to look into working from home.

3. Be Your Own Boss.

The gratification of knowing that you are working hard for your self, not your boss is hard to beat. This is a huge factor in the decision to break free. Many single people don’t need to worry about fitting their schedule round family life but they have other requirements such as wanting to be able to make their own decisions like a grown up. It can often feel like you are a still at school when you need to keep notifying someone else about what you are doing with your time. Being your own boss has its ups and downs but if you’re ready to take responsibility for your own future success then I highly recommend it. You must be self motivated and success minded for this though or you may find yourself becoming a day time soap watching professional…

4. Wake Up When You Are Finished Sleeping!

You can start working when YOU are ready. I used to hate commuting with a passion. I mean really hate it. Now I have time to do a little exercise, perhaps read or meditate early in the morning. Then I walk my daughters to school and settle down with my green tea and laptop. No traffic jams and no stress.

5. Avoid the Nasty British Weather

This may sound silly but I love to avoid the bad weather… Come on let’s face it with the temperamental weather in the UK who wants to have to go out to work in all weathers? Not me anyhow. Unless I have a confirmed appointment I do my work from home on those rainy and windy days, saving my jaunts for the mild days.

6 Work From Home, Not Just At Home

The working at home element is fabulous, and the home-based element means you are allowed to go out and have fun doing your business! My idea of working out of the home these days is attending networking events on subjects of my choice to widen my circle of contacts, or if I’m doing some ‘real’ work I may attend a home business reception for one of my new team members where I sit down and watch a DVD! (Hard labour I think not!)

7 Independent But Not Alone

These days there are so many opportunities to partner with amazing companies with proven business systems, which enable one to be independent and flexible, but to have the training and support to avoid feeling isolated. Let’s also not forget the potential to earn unlimited income with many of these opportunities!

8 Free Of Overheads And No Need To Hold Stock.

This is an incredible benefit when you think how traditional businesses operate. Most new business owners need to be willing to go straight into heavy debt, hold stock, pay staff, premises costs and of course have accounts receivable to keep them up at night biting their nails.

9. Internet Marketing.

The possibilities are endless with the internet and the leveraging of time. I have a mobile paper-free office and can do my business from anywhere. There are so many amazing new communication tools these days – just remember to turn the video camera off when you are working in your pyjamas or having a bad hair day! You can have an international business reaching to almost any corner of the globe. Imagine the possibilities of having a business that operates in different time zones and earns you money while you sleep.

10. Holidays!

Last but just as important! You can book your own holidays in your diary. You can run your own ‘flexi-time’ and work in the middle of the night, dusk or dawn if the fancy takes you and then take the day off in the sunshine (need to make the most of it when it appears!)

Source by Rachel Henke

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