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Thinking About an Indoor Hot Tub?

More homeowners today than ever before are buying hot tubs. The amount of sales for hot tubs is rising as we speak. One of the first questions you must answer when buying a hot tub is if you would prefer an indoor hot tub or an outdoor hot tub. Majority of the time they were found outside, if you had looked several years ago. Now, the popularity of indoor hot tubs has risen.

There are many conveniences that indoor hot tubs offer a homeowner rather than an outdoor hot tub. Privacy would definitely be considered as one of them. You will not have to worry about your neighbors peeking at you while you are in your hot tub as long as you are indoors. You are not viewable by anyone at all so you will feel comfortable while relaxing in the indoor hot tub.

Have you ever been in an outdoor hot tub when it comes in raining? Obviously, it probably wouldn’t be much fun. The weather is another reason homeowners are purchasing indoor hot tubs instead of outdoor hot tubs. Outdoor hot tubs can really only be used during the summer months and maybe into the fall or spring. You will have to adjust the time you use your outdoor hot tub with the weather. However, with an indoor hot tub, you can use it every day if you wish, regardless of the weather.

When purchasing an indoor hot tub, consider where you may be installing it and who will be using it. Most homeowners purchase an indoor hot tub in order to have a place of relaxation; therefore, you want to install the indoor hot tub in a place where you will not be bothered often. Make sure you install the indoor hot tub somewhere where you will not have to worry about tracking water all through the house. Make sure the surface around the hot tub is slip free so it’s easy to get in and out of the hot tub.

Indoor hot tubs are definitely more convenient for the homeowner; however, installation may be a bit harder than an outdoor hot tub. It’s not impossible, just a bit more complex. The indoor hot tub will be required to be installed in an area within your home that is well ventilated. The reason for this is that hot tubs create very high heat and high humidity. If you place your indoor hot tub in a small space, you could notice damage to different pieces of your home. Outdoor hot tubs are well ventilated being outside, so this is not a concern for those.

Because of the weight that indoor hot tubs can hold with water, which is about 2 tons depending on the size of the hot tub, you should check the foundation of your home before installing your hot tub. It’s very important to check the sturdiness to ensure that the foundation can hold the weight. It is best to reinforce the floor of the room. Another thing to remember is to make sure you have access to drainage for cleaning of the indoor hot tub.

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