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The Memory Foam Mattress Pad

I am certain that as you’re shopping for a couple of quality mattress pads, you may find this mattress which was coined as “Memory Foam”. So what is this “memory form mattress”? Is it something that can help improve your memory?

Certainly not! Allow me enlighten you a little much more about it.

Memory form is a type of foam that was invented by Research Center in NASA. The aim of this foam is to protect the aircraft by adding a couple of cushion. Charles A. Yost, the contributing inventor of the foam also named it “temper foam”.

Slowly, this type of foam has gotten some commercial interests. It was first used in medical insitutions where they will support patients to recover. Before long, memory foam been made available to the consumers. The application has been used in bed and even bags.

Why is this foam so special? You see, this foam is more dense than other foams. That is why they could suck up sudden impact. You may have seen people dropping an egg of this foam and it doesn’t break.

Now let’s explore Memory Foam Mattress Pad.

I have myself tried such mattresses in the stores. The salesman said that this mattress has form 2 types of factions: One group that loves it and one group that hates it.

I’m the one who love such mattresses but my wife hates it. When I tried it, it feels very comfortable as the mattress will fit my body shape instantly. However, with this mattress you will see that it is difficult to turn yourself when sleeping. Now, that is one big reason why my spouse didn’t like about.

A warning here: Never use memory foams for infants. The rationale is that babies will find it difficult to turn their bodies due to the dense property. Leaving your babies on such mattress will increase the risks of death.

Source by Monty English

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