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The Meaning of True Love and Happiness

To love and to be loved is the beauty of life. Many people yearn for peace, love and happiness myself included. Love brings happiness that is what we are made to think from very early stages in life. Must we make others happy for us to be happy too? These are some of the dangerous myths in life that can keep you standing on your way to happiness. It is a bad life where we try to please others through out our lives. If this fails people usually become bitter, resentful and in most cases hateful to people we fail to please. If we do not resist the planted seed of co-dependence we are doomed to live for others. Happiness just like love is energy and when it is shared it brings out the best results.

Try to think of a moment when you share out a joke with a friend. The laughter brings out bursts of laughter that makes you feel so good. The exchange of this energy we call happiness is what gives a good feeling. A happy person attracts a lot of love because it is easily reflected in out every activity. This creates a strong bond between love and happiness. For instance people will always return your charming smile even though they are strangers. That is the best reflection of self-happiness. On the other hand, if you are frowning and looking ugly and angry, people will helplessly scowl at you. There is a common adage that ‘life is hard, and we have to struggle to be happy.’

I tend to differ and i attribute this to our expectations of struggles and problems. It is amazing that when things are moving so swiftly for us we subconsciously wait for the storm to come. Life was meant to be easy but pessimism interferes with the natural flow of happiness in our lives. What your mind expects is what you get so everyone should be careful of his/her expectations. When the romantic relationship is going as it should, lovers panic and wait for a thunderstorm. Fear is a great thing that stands on the way of love and happiness. Fear stops you from following your heart in matters of romantic relationships. You should know that fear, love and relationship cannot coexist in the human heart.

You choose to be happy and to worry less. Open your heart to happiness and you will experience a break through in love and happiness. There are times when you feel a lot of joy in your heart but i insist that the peace you feel within your own skin should not be an occasional feeling. You will have successful romantic relationships if you have a positive relationship with yourself. You and others around you will enjoy life while at the same time relaxing, being who you are without getting out of your way to impress others. There is a misconception that love and happiness is a goal to be attained in the future. Each passing day should bring a new and unique experience to you and your loved one. “We shall travel when we retire”, “i will have time to take you to exotic places”, “i am to busy to go for dinner” and so on should not be your phrases. Enjoy the bliss with no good reason.

Source by Francis Githinji

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