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Sweet Dreams With a Memory Foam Travel Pillow

There are so many options in travel pillows available you may be asking yourself what is a memory foam travel pillow? There are two kinds of orthopedic pillows available and these are customarily described as either displacement or supportive. Memory foam travel pillows are referred to as displacement pillows as they can conform or displace to accommodate the shape of your head or neck. Other displacement pillows available are filled with water or air. Supportive pillows are most likely made of a combination of foam and fibers and do not mold to contours but offer a firmer support for those in need of more post surgery traction. Some versatile foam travel pillows are on the market now with interchangeable cores to specifically meet your needs. One such model offers 4 different cores to produce four different variations of firmness from mild to extra firm.

Memory foam, or visco-elastic foam, is a revolutionary material that reacts to your body’s shape.  It conforms to the weight and pressure of your body thereby relieving pressure in the neck and shoulders which can cause a fitful night of tossing and turning and morning aches and pains. These modern miracle pillows keep your backbone in balance and thereby accelerate your blood circulation. These pillows typically come with a 4-5 lb density and are covered with zippered, hypoallergenic, machine washable pillow cases.

Visco-elastic memory foam equalizes pressure and reduces tension. No matter how warm or cold your sleeping area gets, these pillow keep their shape and stay comfortably cool. There are so many variations on the market, you can usually find these firmness options such as: firm, medium, and extra firm. One website has 36 different styles, shapes and varying degrees of support.

Here you will find a detailed comparison chart of the many foam pillows available and you may find it helpful in determining which pillow is right for you. It offers comparisons on size, composition, firmness and other s special features.

Memory foam travel pillows will helps to prevent headaches and migraines.  You will toss and turn less and get the rest you need. They are easy to clean. Simply wipe the foam with a damp cloth and air dry. You can also roll them and release from different angles to allow clean air to fill the air pockets.

Doing a little research and comparison up front will be beneficial in the long run since there are so many options available in today’s market. Cost may be a factor too. Many come with lifetime warranties. So do a little homework before purchasing and you may just find the memory foam travel pillow of your dreams.

Source by Marlon Dirk

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