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Summer Camping vs. Winter Camping: You Be the Judge!

The Weather

Summer camping weather is warm on the most ideal of days but it can be quite hot.   Camping in a heat wave can be uncomfortable especially if you are not at a campsite that was no showers or water source to cool off. 

Winter camping weather is cold, cold, COLD.  Now if you are a winter weather person then
it may not be a big deal.   If you bring warm clothes and layer up effectively you can have an enjoyable time winter camping.  See my article about layering up for your winter camping trip.

Daylight Hours

In the summer there are longer days so you have more daylight which is great camping because unless you have a lantern, a flashlight or a fire going you are in the dark.  
The more time you have in the daylight means more things you can do.

In the winter days are shorter so the daylight ends in the late afternoon, which does limit what you can do but if you have a good light source with you it may not matter.


Summer campers do have to contend with bugs which can be a pain.  Of course there are different way to combat bugs so that your camping trip is enjoyable.

Winter campers do not have to contend with bugs at all.  It is too cold in the winter for bugs to be a problem.


Summer camping can get a little hairy with the availability of campsites.  Campgrounds do get busy and crowded in the summer.  Sometimes unless you have a reservation you are not getting a campsite.

Winter camping is not as popular as summer camping so availability is not a problem.   Some
places around the country during the winter you may have most of the campground to yourself.  It can be peaceful and less hectic.



Summer camping can get expensive, but that does depend on where you go camping.  Family campgrounds will be more expensive then national park campgrounds.   Peak times during the summer such as July and August could be the most expensive.

Winter campgrounds are much cheaper because winter camping is for the diehards and not everyone camps during the winter.   Campgrounds do have to make their money but
you will campgrounds a lot more reasonable in the winter than in the summer.

Source by Robert Bettencourt

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