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Some useful tips how to sleep well at night even if you have money problems

Some useful tips how to sleep well at night  even if you have money problems

By Dennis Fisher.

Because of the present financial crisis that is sweeping the world, many people have trouble sleeping night.  It is especially important, for the sake of your health, to enjoy good sound sleep during this difficult period. You need to be strong and healthy to deal with all the stresses. Healthy sleep is a vital factor in good health.

When you go to bed, instead of falling asleep immediately do you start thinking of bills that have still to be paid?   Do you start thinking about are dozens of different money problems that come to mind?

This is quite understandable, especially with the current recession.  If you are employed, when you go to bed, you may start worrying how secure you job is and whether there is any danger of retrenchment.

If you are running your own business, you may worry about money that is owed to you and wonder how soon the money is going to come i

The sooner you get into the habit of forgetting your problems and go to sleep immediately you go to bed at night, the better for your health. 

The ability to pay no attention your financial problems when you go to bed is a habit that can be developed.  It’s not easy.  But it can be done.

If you keep on thinking about problems when you go to bed, instead of focusing on sleep, you have developed a bad habit. It’s a bad habit that should be changed.

 A bad habit cannot always be broken by will power alone.  It is difficult to force yourself to stop doing something, even if you know that it is that is harmful.  The most effective way to break a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit.

Of course your money problems may be real.  They are not going to go away by simply ignoring them.  But night time is not the time to start thinking of solutions.

Here  are some  useful tips to help you develop the good habit necessary to sleep at night.

At the moment you are probably thinking about the negative features in your life.  But there are a great many positive features.  Start focussing on these positive aspects.

You will find many if you put your mind to it. But here is a possible list of positive aspects of your life.

  • You have   a loving relationship ith your with your partner who knows all about your money problems and is just as concerned as you are, and is trying hard to help you as much as possible
  • You are strong and healthy and the minor illnesses you or your family may suffer from are not serious.
  • You have a wonderful family. You are blessed with children that admire and respect you and are aware of the difficulties you are going through at the moment.
  • Your children are talented and intelligent and are doing well at school or in their jobs
  • You have many friends who like you and respect you and, if necessary, would be willing to help you in some way.
  • When you compare your situation – even though it may seem  fairly desperate at the moment – with the situation of some friends and acquaintances  you know who have far more serious  problems than you, both from the health and financial point of view, you realize how fortunate you are.
  • Finally,  make a positive plan of action to consult a financial advisor  or  advisory service that can suggest positive steps  to deal with your present financial crisis.
  • Make a definite appointment and set a definite date to meet with someone who can look objectively at your financial situation and give you positive ideas how best to handle your present difficulties.

Keep reminding yourself about the positive features of your life.

You’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.

Insomnia is a complex problem that causes a great deal of distress. Because of the limited scope of this article it is impossible to deal with the great variety of sleep problems that people suffer from. 

There are effective solutions available that will solve most sleep problems.  You’ll find a great deal of more information about insomnia and how to handle it on the following website:


Source by Dennis Fisher

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