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Sleep Less and Get More Energy

Want to optimize your time, while still maintaining high energy levels? I have often wished I could get rid of sleep altogether in order to have more time in the day, unfortunately this is simply not humanly possibly. However, you can optimize the amount of time you sleep.

The average adult needs about 8 hours of sleep a night, any longer and you’ll be dragging all day. The key is to figure out exactly how much sleep you need. Many people are able to sleep just 6 hours a night and find that they have better energy levels throughout the day.

Sleeping 6 hours a night, is still well within the recommended norms and to really give yourself a boost try adding one or two power naps throughout the day. Power naps are 10-15 minute naps, no longer. If you sleep any longer than 15 minutes you run the risk of falling into rem sleep and you’ll be doing more harm than good. Rem sleep is the deepest sleep level achieved during your sleep states and is the point at which you dream. If you fall into rem sleep while taking a nap, it will be much harder to wake up during that phase and you’ll end up feeling more tired than you were before your nap.

If you would like to try the 6 hour a night sleep routine, make sure to get out of bed directly after you wake up. Don’t lay there and let yourself fall asleep again. Open the shades and let some light in, this will produce a natural response in your body to help you wake up. Taking naps throughout the day will also help with boosting your energy levels

Source by Zula Ron

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