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Selection of a right water heater for your home

No matter what the weather, everyone wants to enjoy shower on daily bases. In winter this is possible only with a good water heater. Warm water streams massage your body muscles and make you relaxed and stress free. Hot water can also be used in kitchens and washing machine.

It is extremely difficult to take a cold shower in winter. Water heaters are smart solutions to deal with this problem. Today, the market is flooded with many choices of water heaters from different manufacturers and ranging from a conventional water heater to most advanced models. Thus it becomes more significant to make the precise choice – with numerous essential thoughts that help the decision. The quality of the material of a water heater is a major concern for a buyer because its tank stores the water for long time period and easily affected by the water minerals. It’s better to avoid buying water that is not rust resistant. Choose a heavy gauge mild steel technology water heater. Also consider the model type and its capacity. Prefer to buy a big capacity water heater for use at bigger level. 

Today, the most advanced water heaters are much more energy-efficient as compared to the conventional heaters that use high energy. To meet the particular requirements of consumers, they have developed in terms of technology and have advanced features such as designs, energy efficiency, safety, and size and corrosion resistance. Energy efficiency can be considered on Bureau of Energy Efficiency [BEE] star rating.  


  • Water heaters ensure hot water anytime though out the day.
  • You get to hot water high pressured water in your shower.
  • The availability of modern designs makes them well-matched with your bathrooms.
  • They are quite efficient and economical.
  • They are available in a wide range of models and sizes so you can buy as per your needs.
  • They provide clean water for your domestic applications.

During purchasing water heaters not only looks and design is important, but also safety and energy efficiency features are also important certifications. Below is a checklist to make a right decision:


Safety features are most important aspect to consider while buying a water heater. Look for the typical UL symbol which represents that the device has been licensed and certified under severe conditions.

CFC free PUF insulation:

This is the other important aspects, which should not miss. This factor gives guarantees that the device is fire-retardant and guarantees temperature strength.

Check the geyser:

Before making final decision must check the device once as it should be shock proof. This thing makes it more durable and safe.

Material used for construction:

The device that has valves should be prepared of brass not a plastic to boost the sturdiness percentage. The tank of geysers must be made of steel and wizened with glass that makes it corrosion-resistant.

Need of water pressure:

People who are living in high-rise apartments, it is wise to go for a water geyser with high pressure withstanding capacity with 8 bar rating being the standard.

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