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Save Money on a Memory Foam Mattress Topper

More and more people today are looking for alternatives that are cost effective to purchasees that would otherwise be very expensive such as mattresses and beds (especially mattresses and beds made with memory foam). The ideal solution for those in a tight budget to both save money and get the night’s sleep that’s better is to purchase a memory foam mattress pad. If you’re short on funds and can NOT afford the $2000 to $6000 a full size memory foam bed costs, then you can get the benefits of memory foam by simply adding a memory foam pad to your current traditional bed.

The popularity of memory foam has been steadily increasing over the years. This is a good thing because as the number of competition increases the price on these units continue to decrease which allows people to have the luxury of a comfortable and supportive night’s sleep without having to pay thousands of dollars. However, what most people are probably not aware of, is that not all memory foam is created equal as each product differs in ways such as the firmness, density, durability, the cost, and chemical ingredients.

Adding new life to an old mattress that you would normally toss out into the garbage is made very simple by adding a memory foam topper. Memory foam is an incredibly innovative material that was developed at the Ames research center in the 1970s by NASA engineers. It was designed to make the astronaut’s trips into the atmosphere (and back) more comfortable by alleviating some of the pressures they were exposed to.

While it’s true, a mattress topper with memory foam does perform better with a more solid foundation beneath it, a high-quality topper can increase the life span of your traditional mattress for years which will give you more time to save money to purchase a full size mattress made of memory foam. And it’s not just your own mattress that could benefit from an upgrade. You can add toppers to children’s mattresses also.

The key to finding quality toppers that are reasonably priced but still offer excellent support and comfort is to do your due diligence. Understand the terms used in the industry such as the ILD rating, tensile strength, weight, and density. Also try reading reviews from people who have already used the product as this is an excellent way to know whether not it’s worth purchasing.

Two of the most important things to consider when you’re shopping for toppers at a discounted rate are the thickness of the pad and the density of the pad. The average density ranges from 2 to 6 pounds while the thickness can be as little as 1 inch or as much as 6 inches. The density of the foam is reference to the number of cubic feet per pound that the foam weighs and the higher this number the more firm the mattress topper will be.

Also, be aware of the warranty and return policy before you purchase a mattress or a mattress pad. A solid warranty should, at minimum, last a full year and cover any day to day wear and tear. The return policy should allow you to return the topper for any reason and within a reasonable amount of time.

The memory foam mattress topper is simply the most effective way to make your current mattress more comfortable and supportive without spending thousands of dollars to buy a whole new mattress.

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