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Quick and Easy Steps to Maintaining Your Four Wheeler

Generally a four wheeler gets very dirty after they are ridden through very muddy grounds, like in fields or woods. Debris and dirt can easily find its way in very inconvenient spots of the vehicle. While it may be true this can be quite annoying, there are easy steps to follow when trying to clean these types of vehicles.

Your very first step to the process for cleaning this all terrain vehicle, otherwise called ATV, is giving it a sufficient amount of time to cool down after it has been ridden. While you always want to clean your vehicle after its use, you do not want the engine to be hot. This heated engine needs to cool before you clean, and to do this just leave your ATV in the shade.

Once the ATV is thoroughly cooled down, utilize intense water pressure so that you can rinse the vehicle. It is generally a good recommendation for you to start the rinsing process on the top part of the frame, and work your way down. Be sure that all areas are sprayed, including all sides as well as the front and back.

It is possible that other debris will become lodged in the vehicle. To take care of this, just remember to clean the undercarriage of the ATV. After the motorized device is completely rinsed, utilize a softly bristled brush for buffing away hard water spots and dirt that the original rinsing did not get rid of.

Another great method to use, when a simple rinse and scrub does not remove all the debris, is soap and water. Fill a container with water, such as a bucket, and add some soap. Car wash soap will work fine, but if that is not available to you, dish washing liquid is a very good substitute.

In this method you can use a rag to apply the solution if you wish. Make sure that you clean the vehicle completely on all sides. If the dirt seems caked on or will not remove easily, use a scrub brush on the more stubborn areas.

For seemingly impossibly stained spots, more powerful cleaners will be required. A great suggestion is a tire cleaner that is mixed with bleach. Still one more tough cleaning is known as an etching cleaner that has acid in its composition. Remember to only use these on areas that a simple rinse or soap and water cleaning will not remove.

Next you will need to apply a protective coat to the body. This can be done using what is called a shine spray, or other such product. Doing this will provide a protective barrier which works well in keeping the frame from absorbing mud and dirt. If you follow this step your next cleaning session will be much more simple to do. Lastly, wipe the frame down utilizing a synthetic polish with a piece of cloth or rag.

Remembering the necessary steps for cleaning and maintaining your four wheeler can be extremely beneficial. You will be able to have a better looking ATV. Along with this fact, your ATV will probably be able to look as nice as the day you purchased it.

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