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Sacred Soul Hopi Ear Candles Therapist Standard – Beeswax, Scented Aroma With Filters & Protector Discs (3 Pairs)





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Is it ear or sinus trouble that’s impacting quality time with your loved ones or making it hard to work? Or maybe you are simply looking for a way to thoroughly unwind in the evening after a hard day’s work? If this is you – then consider this natural holistic therapy a godsend! Within minutes of using Sacred Soul’s ear candles, you will experience the relaxation and relief you’ve been praying for! Put on some quiet relaxing music and experience the deep holistic relaxation of the mind, body and soul as the crackling sounds, warming heat and pleasing vibrations of the candle combined with the sensual aroma provide you with a feeling of wellness you’ll want to experience time and time again. Ear candles have been used by practitioners and therapists for decades. Despite being heavily condemned by modern medicine and the media, there continues to be thousands of regular users who claim ear candles have helped them to be free from clogged ears, blocked sinuses, headaches and a whole host of other irritations in the ear. How do Sacred Soul ear candles work? This simple and yet highly effective method uses a light under-pressure and the vibrational waves from the air inside the candle, caused by the movement of the flame above it to massage the ear drum and help to gently loosen the ear wax while relieving pressure and clearing the head and sinuses. Through thermo-therapy it stimulates the peripheral blood circulation and strengthens the cleansing circulation of the lymph glands. It provides a pleasant alternative to traditional medical procedures and expensive spa treatments. Feel the difference for yourself. Clear your ear canal, your mind and your sinuses and experience the astounding tranquility and stress reducing effects that this remarkable home remedy provides. Note: Ear candles don’t ‘suck’ all the wax out of your ears in a single use. They are designed as a regular treatment to help loosen clogged wax and relieve sinus pressure over time.Help loosen ear wax build up and blockage!
Support healthy, normal sinus pressure!
Reduce stress and help you relax!
Trusted by many leading therapists and spas!
12-15 minutes burn time!


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