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“Pisolo”: Memory Foam Pillow, 100% Made in Italy, Silver Safe



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Memory Foam Pillow by Baldiflex It is very capable to adapting with head and neck form without compressing vertebrae. If you suffer with aches and pains, like i do, i would certainly recommend a memory foam mattress as well as a pillow.


Memory Foam Benefits: Memory Foam can adapt to every form of our body. It improves blood circulation, reducing muscles and nerves stress.

Water expanded
Without CFC
Foamed in a mold
Anti Acarus
Antide Cubitus

Italian Warranty 2 years

The product will be delivered under vacuum and rolled in its package.

Silver Safe: Silver Safe lining is made by a particular silver fiber joint to a textile fiber. Silver is considered by medicine the most important antimicrobial. It has also anti static properties, it conserves warmth of our body.

Soap Pillow: recommended to every sleeping position

Silver Safe Lining

Measure: 40x70x13cm

Single pillow

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