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Memory Foam Pillow – 100% Made in Italy





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Benefits of Memory Foam
The pillow provides good support for the cervical spine and allows a comfortable rest thanks to the padding in Memory Foam which, elastic and breathable, it reacts to body temperature and conforms to the shape of the head, allowing better weight distribution while avoiding excessive pressure on the neck. Anti-mite, anti-allergic, anti-humidity thanks to the great passers alveoli
The memory is one of the most modern materials used in the production of pillows. Originally used by the NASA to cushion and support astronauts in the presence of an intense force of gravity, was subsequently milled and used in the phase of production of mattresses and pillows. Composed of a special viscoelastic foam allows the pillow to fit with millimeter precision to the human body. Self-modeling and heat-sensitive , the memory adapts its shape to the human body perceiving the heat. The weight is so evenly distributed over the entire cushion without there being any particular pressure areas which interfere with the blood circulation.
Why choose a memoryfoam pillow?
The pillow perfectly adapted to the morphology of the body, marrying ergonomics and comfort and ensuring balanced support (the weight is distributed over the entire body surface avoiding any pressure and joint tensions). It improves blood circulation and minimizes the stress on the muscles and nerves.
Features– water expanded
– without CFC
– foamed in mold
– without glue
– anti-mite
– anti-mold
– ergonomic
– breathable
– anti-bacterial
– hypoallergenic
The Memory Foam Pillow has a 20 years warranty
The cushion is delivered NOT closed or rolled up but opened as in photography: the aim is not to spoil its characteristics and peculiaritiesPillow Memory Foam Self-modeling and Temperature Sensitive (and perfectly adapted to the head shape thanks to body heat)
Lining in high-breathable fabric – Removable with zip
Made in Italy – Anti-mite, anti-allergic, anti-humidity – Hypoallergenic and 100% All-Natural
The memory consists of 100% from slow memory foam, provides optimum support with a low sensitivity to climatic variations: it conforms to the body by distributing the weight
20 years warranty – Dimensions: 40x70x12cm – 27.60×15.70×5.10inches


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