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Luminette 2 – SAD Light Therapy Glasses – Improve your mood. Regulate your sleep (V.A.T exempt)

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The Luminette 2 light therapy glasses (2015 release) is a lightweight (69g), ergonomic, and effective SAD light therapy device that treats and prevents effectively seasonal affective disorder. Enjoy light therapy while remaining active. You can take your breakfast, work on your computer, prepare yourself, watch TV while having the perfect light therapy session ! How it works : A white light emitted from 8 light emitting diodes (LED) is sent to a holographic visor which focuses the light toward the pupil. This light is then directed, regardless of the direction of view and the position of the head, to the lower part of the retina, particularly rich area in neuronal receptors involved in the therapeutic action of light. Unlike stationary light therapy lamps, light is directed to the retina from top to bottom as does naturally the sun. The Luminette 2 (the 2015 model) now includes a convenient rechargeable battery in the frame, USB connection for battery charging and foldable legs. One size fits all.Luminette is a light, wearable and pocket-sized pair of light therapy glasses. Qualifies for VAT relief (see conditions below)
Thanks to its patented illumination system Luminette provides ideal eyes exposure while keeping vision
An independent clinical trial has demonstrated that Luminette is equivalent to an 10,000 lux lamp
The light emitted is a blue-enriched white light. It comes with 3 intensities (500, 1,000 and 1,500 lux)
Luminette is rechargeable by micro-usb cable; one charge gives autonomy for 10 sessions. Supplied with a UK-plug charger


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