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Denver CRL-310 wake up light sunrise alarm clock with nature sounds




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Are you wanting to wake up to sunrise every morning?

When you are in the midst of winter, do you want to wake up in the morning feeling more refreshed? Well this alarm clock starts 30 minutes before you alarm time, lighting your room with a simulated sunrise.

So your body clock thinks it’s morning when really it is that cold Monday, still dark outside.

At least you will feel wide awake. Being woken by sounds of the forest or water falling.

But wait, there’s more.

Denvers CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock has it all. Be finally woken up from your sleep by the gentle sounds of birds in the forest, bubbling hot springs or the refreshing sound of a waterfall cave. Feeling lazy? Snooze your alarm without getting out of bed or looking for buttons on the clock radio, use the handy included remote control.

Want to drift off to sleep at night and not worry about switching your light out or the radio off? No problem. Set the sleep timer on Denver’s alarm clock and off goes the radio and light at the end of the timer.

Need some relaxation before you go to sleep? Set the gentle mood light to slowly fade in and out giving soft gentle hues reflected around your bedroom to help you fully relax.

The CRL-310 alarm clock also can show you room temperature and day / date too. You can even set the display to cycle through time, date and temperature.

With a 3.5mm AUX-IN socket you can connect your phone or MP3 player into the clock radio to.

WAKE UP LIGHT SUNRISE ALARM CLOCK – With dual alarm times Denver’s CRL-310 sunrise alarm clock will slowly brighten the room starting 30 minutes before your alarm time for a gentle, mood enhancing wake-up to help you feel refreshed and ready for your day.
NATURE SOUNDS ALARM CLOCK – To aid your gentle wake-up call, be finally woken from your slumber via relaxing nature sounds of waterfall cave, forest bird calls or bubbling hot springs. If that’s too gentle use the radio or buzzer instead as your alarm sound.
MOOD LIGHT – not only a wake up light alarm clock with nature sounds but the CRL-310 is a mood light, perfect for your bedroom. Use the remote to switch on the mood light to gently fade from colour to colour… or stop the fade on your favourite colour.
BEDSIDE LAMP – Switch on the CRL-310 warm white light and use this nature sounds alarm clock as your bedside lamp. Adjust the warm light from a very low level 1 to a bright 10 via the remote control.
REMOTE CONTROL – The included remote can control all the main functions on your mood light sunrise alarm clock. Snooze your alarm in the morning via the remote or set the sleep function so that you can gently drift off to sleep at night


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