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Prices of Memory Foam Mattresses: How Much Should You Spend?

There are many factors that go into determining the prices of memory foam mattresses. Of course, it is natural to wonder how much price determines quality and whether the most expensive foam mattress is the best. The answer? It depends on which type of mattress is purchased, why and what needs to be included for a particular buyer. In short, there really isn’t a simple answer when it comes to the prices of memory foam mattresses and their quality.

Prices can range from around $350 to as high as $1699. So what separates the low prices of memory foam mattresses from the higher priced models? One important factor is the thickness of the foam and – if all other factors are comparable- a mattress with thicker foam is likely to cost more. This makes sense because the more material which is used in a foam mattress, the more expensive it is likely to be. While a 7″ thick mattress could be in the three hundred dollar range, one that is 13″ thick is likely to be in the top price range. After all, the higher priced model contains six more inches of foam.

Prices of memory foam mattresses can also depend on whether a basic model, often produced in great quantities, is purchased. If the foam mattress doesn’t come with plenty of bells and whistles, including pillow tops, antibacterial properties or other distinctions, it may be purchased at the low end of the scale. However, it could be well worth saving money until the right foam mattress comes along. But if you don’t need anything but a basic memory foam mattress, why spend the extra money?

For those who need luxury and the most plushness, prices will most likely be higher. Many of these do tend to be on the soft side so if that isn’t an important factor, shoppers can save money by going with a firmer foam mattress. For those who want the ultimate in softness, cashmere covers and matching pillows (equally soft), they may have to pay a higher price. However, it can be worth it to get the ultimate in comfort.

Warranties can also affect prices of memory foam mattresses. While many basic mattresses come with five or ten year warranties, more expensive brands may actually include twenty year warranties. Shoppers are also likely to pay more for hypo-allergenic mattresses or those which are eco-friendly. Each specific type of mattress can simply cost more to manufacture and may not be as readily available as the less expensive foam mattresses.
Does this mean that mattresses in the $300- $400 price range are undesirable? Actually, they can be fine for specific individuals but not work as well for others. For those who share a bed with a spouse or partner and are bothered by movement, more expensive mattresses may limit the shaking feeling. In fact, some reviewers have noted that they don’t even know another person is in the bed. They sleep restfully and soundly.

A final determinant of memory foam mattress prices could lie in customer reviews. At every price range, there are those who love specific brands and model and other who hate the same products. Read the reviews carefully and then find the mattress in the right price range to meet your needs as well as your sleep requirements.

Source by W.P. Allen

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