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One-Sided Mattresses: Fact and Fiction

Has it been a while since you last purchased a new mattress? If so, you might be surprised that most mattresses on the market today are one-sided. Before the turn of the century, mattresses were made with two upholstered sides. If one side got stained or worn down, it was a struggle to flip it over onto its other side. Today, however, mattress companies are making one-sided mattresses that are both durable and comfortable… without the high maintenance!

Simmons was the first mattress company to unveil the no-flip technology back in the year 2000. Sealy and Serta eventually got into the game as well, just after Spring Air came out with their “Never Turn” mattress. By 2007 (when fire safety regulations were instituted), nearly all mattress manufacturers were making one-sided mattresses.

In today’s society, skeptics like to argue that one-sided mattresses have a shorter life-span as opposed to the two-sided ones from years ago. In theory, that statement seems like it would be true; in actuality, one-sided mattresses are manufactured with modern foams such as latex and visco elastic memory foam that are made to more withstand the test of time.

Some of today’s higher quality mattresses include either memory foam or latex foam. Memory foam is comprised of certain chemicals, including polyurethane, that make it denser. Memory foam is sensitive to temperature and weight. Latex foam can be natural or manmade. Natural latex is extracted from rubber trees whereas synthetic latex is made by polymerizing a monomer that has been emulsified with surfactants. Both types of latex have the same basic properties. Latex mattresses offer good motion separation and a nice balance between softness and support.

Some manufacturers like Serta suggest that you rotate one-sided mattresses from end to end every two weeks for the first two months and once every three months after that. Rotating the mattress will prevent uneven wear on the mattress, especially in cases where only one person sleeps on the bedding. Simply rotating a mattress is far less strenuous than flipping it.

One-sided mattresses save you from the risk a back injury. Hoisting something as awkward and heavy as a mattress can cause strains to previous back conditions or it can case new injury. Your mattress should help with your back pain, not make it worse!

One-sided mattresses offer the same comfort and durability as two-sided mattress but with little maintenance and less risk for injury. Don’t think you’re being slighted simply because there’s only one sleeping surface. The materials in the no-flip design are far superior to the cheap foams and fibers in older mattresses.

What are you waiting for? Stop causing yourself more pain by flipping that worn-out, fifteen year-old mattress in an effort to find the comfort you experienced years ago. Start shopping for a new mattress with the newest technological advances that the bedding industry has to offer. Most good quality mattresses come with a ten year manufacturer’s warranty. If your mattress fails within the warranty period your mattress will be replaced at no cost to you. It’s about time you bought a mattress that worked for you – not you work for it!

Source by Kermit Bauer

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