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Occupy Movement: Protest against Unbridled Inequality

Started on Sep 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street donations(OWS) is a protest against the unbridled inequality and wealth difference in the U.S. and other parts of the world. The global movement is now getting momentum by leaps and bounds and demands the separation of money from politics. Inspired by the popular assemblies of Egypt, Spain, Oaxaca etc, the protest is a common voice in unified and united demand. It says that there is a big difference between the haves and haves-not. The 99% of the U.S. citizens are the haves-not, while the 1% of earners is those haves who bite a lion’s share and exploit the common people as much as possible. Hence, the OWS stands against those who make these 99% reel under the wheel of corporate influence in politics, economic and social inequality as well as corporate greed. The OWS is an instant prototypes for 2010’s British student protests, anti-austerity protests of “indignados” (indignant) in Spain, Greece, and Middle East’s’ Arab Spring protests.

Occupy Wall Street means get up, stand up, and stand up for your rights that have been occupied by the 1% (haves) people of the U.S., and world. In short, it is a movement for the people, to the people and by the people. The occupy movementis ours only as we are the ones who only can.

The protestors in this protest are united and speaking in one voice declares that “We’re the 99%” which means that despite our being 99%, we have nothing and are continuously discriminated on the basis of social inequality and wealth disparity. The amorphous series of demonstrations have today begun the debate on social injustice, rampant corruption, rising corporatization as well as privatization and so on.

Since the main object of this mass protest is aimed at helping and supporting the futures of lower as well as middle class families, the Occupy Wall Street donations play a very crucial role, when the exigency of essential necessities is felt. Monetary donations collected through this movement will be used for materials as billboards, banners, campaign brochures, miscellaneous equipment, flyer/posters, communications, coordinating future events, and other campaign stuffs, etc.

So, if you are really occupied by the rampant effects of increased privatization & corporatization of all aspects of society then get up, and stand up for your rights.

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