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Motorhome News: Diy Motor-Homing

“Caravan and motorhome people tend to be good practical DIY’ers”, according to, so the task of fitting a solar panel should be an easy one. The idea of a solar powered motorhome is to cut out the middle man (the plug in power at camp sites), in order to become more economically friendly. The solar cells are designed to produce an electrical current when exposed to light, which can be used to keep your battery topped up while you’re on the open road.

The UK may be infamous for its tea making abilities but the weather definitely isn’t anything to brag about, which means a major drawback of this novel idea is that there may not be enough light to power some of the hefty motorhomes that have been entering the motorhome market recently. Short trips however will benefit more from solar panel power, and even when you make a pit stop, the panel will continue to charge itself so it’s ready for the next leg of your journey – and the good news is you can fit them yourself. have reported that ” a good battery bank is pretty much essential because we use power in bursts, more in bad weather and less in good weather. As a result you will need at least two leisure batteries to make the best of solar power by storing all that good weather energy for use when the weather deteriorates”.

If you’re an adventurous explorer you may want to discover some unknown territory in your motorhome instead of the general camp sites, which is why the best thing about having a solar panel charging your motorhome is that you have the freedom to go almost anywhere that takes your fancy, safe in the knowledge that you have a stable source of power for your mobile home.

Solar power systems will give you the power you need to go anywhere you desire, with an enduring design, which is built to withstand summer heat as well as the typical Great British cold weather conditions. Making the impossible seem achievable is a tricky task, and while money might not grow on trees, power produced by the sun is not only possible, but readily available.

Source by Katie Norton

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