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Most Hated Birthday Gifts

The birthday is one of the most awaited occasions of everyone because of the celebration, bonding, the food and drinks, and most of all, the gifts you will be receiving. But how come there are still some that are not contented with what they have received? Well probably because they are actually expecting great things like a new car, computer, a pet horse or even a one night bonding with the person they actually dream of. Another reason is because maybe they just hate what they got because of no specific reason. Now here are some of the things that everyone is avoiding every time they come to open up their gifts.

  1. A towel – I, myself, hate receiving towels as a gift because of one reason, “What am I actually going to do with this?” It is as if the sender wants you to take a bath because you stink. He should have added a bar of soap and a shampoo to make it a complete set “go-clean-yourself” kit.
  2. Alarm clock – These things are one of the most common items that we see in a gift box during the process of opening presents. Well, what does it mean? Does sending me an alarm clock means that I am always late? Or probably because I am too much nervous about what time is it because my mom would yell at me again if I go home late? Whatever the reason is, it sort of insults the receiver in a funny manner.
  3. Papers/Documents – Well except for a house and lot title, receiving either papers or documents kind of irritates the receiver. A bank book is one of them. Your parents will say, “We have opened you a bank account so that you can go and save your money for the future.” Also, it would be really funny and insulting to receive insurance papers thinking that you could be an example of good insurance leads. It tells you only one thing, “Are they somehow thinking that I will be dying soon?”
  4. School Supplies/Office Supplies – “I am actually expecting something cool and out-of-school thingy for my birthday, then you sent me notebooks and pens.”
  5. Mug – This is another thing that does not appeal to one’s taste, not unless he loves to drink coffee. Although some of these mugs have exclusive designs with your name and picture on it, who cares? It’s still a mug.

Actually, these items are not that bad. It just depends upon the person receiving it and how he values one. Always keep in mind that it is the thought that counts. However, let us accept the fact that the old “anything-as-long-as-it-came-from-you” line is no longer popular to most of us nowadays. That is why, when choosing a gift for someone, put yourself in his shoes first and think, “What would I feel if I got this?”

Source by Daryl dela Cruz

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