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Moreno Valley Mattresses Discount Mattresses in Moreno Valley CA

Mattresses in Moreno Valley, CA

Shopping for mattresses in Moreno Valley, CA opens you to the very wide selection of quality mattresses available today. They have almost all the possible types of beds from the classic spring mattress, air mattress to the latest memory foam and latex ones. The question is which one is suitable for you? How about getting to know each type of mattresses then, you’ll find out the right one for you.

Spring Mattresses

This type of mattress is pretty traditional when compared with the other next generation mattresses that’s becoming increasingly popular today. However, spring mattresses have advanced and you no longer have to worry about being poked at with the broken springs because manufacturers have incorporated different types of foam on them to give you that softer feel. When it comes to longevity, these mattress sets usually last for 5 to 10 years. Although, spring mattresses have advanced, many find them uncomfortable and it has the tendency to sag and cave in the middle. And when it comes to durability, spring mattresses come at the last from the rest of other types of mattresses. Moreover, these ones are comparatively expensive.

Water Beds

Actually, water beds are almost non-existent these days. Although there have been some advancements to them – they are now an inner system of baffles and chambers to reduce transfer of motion – they are still not that in-demand. The good thing about waterbeds is they reduce the pressure on the body. In fact, they are the original conforming type of mattress, giving you proper support and spinal alignment that you need to wake up more rested and in less pain. The water can also be heated to provide therapeutic effects of heat for the user. The downside is the water. A simple puncture can equal a huge mess considering the amount of water filled in it. Also, they are very heavy when they’re set up.


These beds are increasingly popular and are a good choice for a guest room or for outdoors. They offer multiple firmness settings based on your choice as each side of the bed can be adjusted to the individual level of comfort you select. However, these have many interior parts that can and often do break and just like spring mattresses, these beds can easily hammock in the middle, making it an uncomfortable sleeping surface.

Foam mattresses

Foam mattresses are actually the trend today. People seek them for their dense foam material that molds themselves to the body’s shape. They don’t transfer motion well, meaning that one person can roll over and the other person not feel it. Perhaps the most advanced foam mattresses today is the memory foam. Memory foam was initially designed to offer pressure relief and was even use by NASA to reduce the impact of gravitational forces. The downside of it, as many people say, is they are hot, they are also fairly heavy, and they’re expensive.

So, those are the common types of mattresses in Moreno Valley, CA you may come across with when going to a Moreno Valley mattress store. If you’re still undecided, you may need to sprawl out on each of the types in some show rooms to see what the fuss is about and hopefully made up your mind.

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