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MLM Tips – Abundance Affirmations Tool

One if the easiest and yet effective MLM tips is the correct use of abundance affirmations.Here is a tool to help you take short, powerful abundance affirmations, plug them into your daily life, and start creating results in your business.

Since balance supports growth, you’ll be using the power of words to help you succeed not only in your business but in every area of your life.

STEP ONE: Start creating a collection of Power Words, words that hold high-quality energy for you.

How do you know if they’re good-energy words?

By how they feel.

The better a word makes you feel, the higher the quality of its energy. (This varies from person to person, so you’ll need to keep checking in with yourself. A good-energy word for someone else may not be a good-energy word for you.)

Set an intention to create a list of powerfully good-feeling words, and then just start recording them, either on paper or on your computer.

(I prefer to hand-write them in a special journal because I feel that writing things by hand most easily accesses my inner wisdom. If, however, you’d prefer to use your keyboard, then by all means do that.)

The point is to take a few minutes every morning and add to your Abundance Affirmations collection.

Start by reading over the words you have already written, then add more as they come to you.
Include words and phrases that pertain to your Network Marketing business, your relationships, your body, and your finances, as well as general feel-good words.

Following is a sample list to get you started.

Sample List of Power Words
Some Sample Phrases:
Perfect Health
Financial Independence
Expanding Downline
Successful Distributors

This tool may seem “too simple” to have any effect, but remember, your thoughts create your reality, and your energy attracts like a magnet.

Reading over a list of good-feeling words is a fast, smart way to improve your energy and improve the quality of the things you’re attracting.

STEP TWO: After you have read and added words and phrases to your abundance affirmations list, choose one word or phrase to be your affirmation for the day.

For example, if you choose the phrase “Financial Independence,” then repeat the words “Financial Independence” to yourself as often as possible throughout the day. (With practice, this will become more and more automatic.)

IMPORTANT NOTE: Keep paying attention to how you feel. If at any time saying “Financial Independence” starts to feel anything less that warm and fuzzy, stop!

Take a moment to modify the phrase until you find a version that makes you feel good every time you say it.

Modify Words and Phrases, if Necessary

For instance, if saying “Financial Independence” is reminding you that you’re NOT financially independent, then you might want to try out just plain “independence.”

If you’re really feeling stressed, repeating “Safety” or “Security” might feel best.
The important thing to remember is that you have the power to create your life the way you want it, and the universe is supporting you in creating a life that is always getting better and better.

Instead of being stuck in reactive-mode, merely responding to whatever is going on around you, use the words and phrases from your list to take control of how you feel.

Repeated words are powerful tools for reprogramming your subconscious. Saying or thinking these abundance affirmations activates their essence within you, and draws to you more and more people, events, and situations to help you experience true abundance in your life.

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