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Memory Foam Vs Latex

Mattresses are needed for a good and sound sleeping. Mattresses these days have two common fillings that are memory foam and latex. Both these are organic constituents and have different features and qualities. The main points that buyers see are comfort, durability, cost and material used. All manufacturers claim their products to be anti allergic, stain free, machine washable and anti odor so the basic difference comes in the level of comfort and price. Memory foam is made of visco elastic polyurethane foam. Due to its high viscosity, this material is soft during hot and humid conditions and it is firm during winters when temperature is cool. Foam as we know is a colloid with two different media. The two medium are gas and solid or gas and liquid. Gas entrapped in solid makes solid foams like polyurethane foam and Styrofoam. These foams have low density and therefore act as floatation systems and thermal insulators. Their lightness, weightlessness and compressibility make them excellent fillers for packing and stuffing. Gas entrapped in liquid makes liquid foam like fir retardant foams. There are different types of foams like spray foam, memory foam, fire fighting foam, rubber foam.

Memory foam was initially developed by NASA for astronauts to decrease the extreme high pressure caused by the gravitational force during the take off of the space shuttle. It was later discarded for the use of astronauts but was eventually found to be a boon for medical patients suffering from orthopedic and other bone problems. Especially for patients who are bed bound after paralysis attack or after an accident. It helps to reduce the pressure exerted continuously on bones their by reducing occurrence of sores and gangrene. The body conforming property of memory foam has made it to be a good choice for manufacturers today. Different types of memory foam products are available in the market depending upon the density like low density and high density. Latex is also a type of colloidal substance. It is an emulsion of polymer in aqueous medium. Latex is naturally found in different colors in milky sap of plants. Synthetic latex is a stable dispersion produced by emulsification of polymers with surfactants.

Memory foam and latex both aim to replace the traditional inner spring mattress and provide a comfortable, relaxing, sound, healthy and medically fit sleep. Different people have different needs and the bedding should be selected accordingly. It is advised to take a mattress that suits your needs for vibrant sleep and is cost effective (Memory Foam Mattress Buying Guide).

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