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Memory Foam: Make Your Current Mattress Better With A Memory Foam Topper Pad

In today’s tough economy, many people are looking for creative ways to save money and make everyday items last just that little bit longer.  Mattresses are no exception.  Instead of purchasing an entirely new traditional mattress or a new memory foam mattress, think outside the box a bit and think about using a memory foam topper pad to put the life back into your “not so new but not so old” mattress.  Here’s how…

Can a Memory Foam Topper Pad Revitalize My Mattress?

If your current mattress is in relatively good shape, meaning no major sags or lumps, it may be a good candidate for “rehab” with a memory foam topper pad.  When I say rehab here, I don’t mean the latest celebrity to bite the dust!  I mean breathing new life back into your current mattress with a memory foam topper pad.  A memory foam topper pad can give your mattress that memory foam mattress feel without the cost you incur when you buy an actual memory foam mattress.

If your mattress is very old or has major sags and lumps in it, it’s probably not a good candidate for mattress rehab.  (Just like some celebrities!)  If it is in relatively good shape, but feels too firm or like it needs a little something extra to get it into the comfort zone, a memory foam topper pad may be just what the doctor ordered.

What Exactly is a Memory Foam Topper Pad?

A memory foam topper pad is a 2″ to 3″ pad, made of memory foam, which you put on top of an existing mattress.  A pad of 1″ is too thin to be effective, and if you need a pad that is more than 3″, you probably need a new mattress.  A good topper will generally range in price from $125 to $380, depending on the thickness, size (they can be purchased for all beds – from twin to California king), and quality.  You are much better off if you purchase a quality memory foam topper than trying to make due with an inferior one.  Just like memory foam mattresses, there are a lot of memory foam topper pads that just aren’t worth buying.

How Can I Find a Quality Memory Foam Topper Pad?

Before you buy any memory foam topper pad, do your homework.  There are quality places on the web where you can get good information about memory foam topper pads.  One place where you can find a lot of quality information is Healthy Foundations Topper Pad Info.  We are 5-star rated for our customer service and provide a lot of useful information on our website.

Where Can I Get a Good Deal on a Quality Memory Foam Topper Pad?

One great place to get a good deal on a quality memory foam mattress is on the Internet.  Internet retailers operate with lower overheads than bricks and mortar stores and, in many cases, can offer you free shipping and no sales tax for even greater savings.  When choosing any mattress retailer, make sure you find one that is monitored by third party organizations like and the Better Business Bureau.  Third party organizations can allow you to see everything customers write about the retailer, not just the sugar-coated testimonials many retailers use on their websites and in their literature.  Third-party organizations allow you to see how retailers handle all their customers, not just the ones who keep their product.  How a retailer handles things like returns and money-back guarantees tells a lot about their integrity and customer service.  When buying any memory foam mattress or memory foam topper pad, look for a retailer that offers you an extended in-home trial (90 days or more), and a true money-back guarantee (not a “comfort” guarantee aka store credit).  If you remember nothing else, remember “extended in-home trial” and “true money-back guarantee” when buying a memory foam bed or memory foam topper pad.  These two things can ensure that you have a positive shopping experience. 

To check out memory foam toppers at our 5-star rated site that has great reviews on and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, go to Healthy Foundations Topper Pads.  If you decide you need a new mattress, check out our video on Choosing a Memory Foam Bed.

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