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Memory Foam and Sleep Conditions: Bursitis

If you are one of the millions of Americans who suffer from joint and bone related pressure conditions, you know how much you need your rest. Without the right sleep surface, you may spend countless hours tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position in which to sleep. Historically, sufferers of conditions like bursitis have been told to purchase firm inner spring mattresses but now there is a new wave of specialty sleep surfaces that are being pushed onto the market and recommended. Memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses and even newer waterbeds can reduce painful joint pressure and improve your sleep.
Bursitis is a condition that is characterized by inflammation of the joints throughout the body. It is usually prompted by repetitive stress to a given area of the body causing that area and joint to become irritated. The name comes from the “bursae” which are small fluid filled sacs that act as cushions in your joints and between your tendons, bones and muscles. When these sacs are compromised, they swell up which makes any joint movement more painful.
Because bursitis is related to repetitive stress, it often strikes the hips, shoulders and knees with fewer incidences in the elbows and ankles. Bursitis can come and go which makes it a frustrating and debilitating condition since you are never sure when it will hit or when it will recede. Not only can it inhibit daily activities, it can also make restful and restorative sleep nearly impossible which makes it that much harder to recover and maintain patience during recovery.
Bursitis frequently occur in factory workers who do the same tasks all day, every day and in athletes like runners and gymnasts who do the same repetitive motions in training to perfect their craft. Anyone can actually suffer from bursitis and it can be brought on by trauma or injury as well as by repetitive and cumulative damage. Bursitis is also often found in those who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.
Like all conditions that are brought on by repetitive stress or physical misalignment, a restful and deep night’s sleep can make a huge difference in both the emotional state of a bursitis sufferer and how quickly an episode may recede. While a firm bed has traditionally been prescribed for sufferers of joint related conditions, it is now thought that specialty sleep surfaces like memory foam and latex may offer more health benefits. Because bursitis strikes the primary joints in the body, and a firm mattress may actually increase the pressure on these joints rather than reduce it, memory foam and well made latex mattresses may be the better choice. Memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses mold to the body’s curves offering universal support and pressure relief which enables better and more complete skeletal muscular relaxation.
Specialty sleep surfaces like memory foam and latex and the newer waterbeds on the market were developed for people who could not find rest on firm inner spring mattresses. Memory foam has widely been used in hospitals for people recovering from major surgery or who need to remain in bed for long periods of time while their joints and muscles heal. Take advantage of the new technology available to you and get a better night’s sleep, no matter what kind of pressure related condition you may be enduring.

Source by Blair Stephens

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