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Mattresses for Platform Bed Frames

When choosing a mattress for your platform bed, there are many types and brands to choose from. The mattress industry has done much in the last fifteen years in developing new types of mattresses. In this article we’ll examine the various variety of mattresses and the benefits each may offer.

Innerspring mattresses have been a strong part of the bedding industry for the last 50 years. There are several major manufacturers of innerspring mattresses who purchase their coil systems through Leggett & Pratt. Leggett & Pratt is a major supplier of steel coil innerspring units that are then incorporated into different brands of mattresses. These manufacturers will then add various foam, batting and other materials into the construction of these mattresses. Many mattress manufacturers are creating no flip mattresses. By producing mattresses that are one sided higher density materials can be incorporated into a single side of the mattress producing higher quality mattresses with greater longevity.

Memory foam mattresses have also grown in popularity. These mattresses use space age materials that are incorporated into the top layer of the mattress. These mattresses typically are body heat activated which means as you are laying on the mattress it will mold around you and take your shape. Some are designed to be like a typical mattress while others will offer pillow top features. These mattresses may also go by the name of viscoelastic mattresses as the visco cell material used in the surface has a memory that allows it to return to its original shape.

Latex mattresses are also available from the bedding industry. Latexes may be natural or synthetic. Latex can be produced into a layer of material for use in mattresses which allows for greater support and comfort. It also isn’t uncommon for latex to be combined with other materials such as memory foam to help enhance its features. These mattresses can offer great support.

There are many more types of mattresses out in the market and these are just some of the most popular types that you can use for your platform bed. Your best opportunity is to try each mattress and see which is most comfortable for you. A great sleep is just around the corner.

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