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Mattress Sets: Features to Look for in a Quality Product

The average person spends about a third of his or her life sleeping—ideally anyway. If you’ve been having trouble getting some shuteye because of some worn-out bedsprings, it’s time to start shopping around for a new mattress. The mattress you make your nocturnal home is a crucial investment, and one area where skimping doesn’t pay. With a little research and some helpful tips on finding a quality mattress, you’ll be on the road to sweet dreams and long, restful nights in no time.

Brand Reputation

One obvious way of getting a good read on the quality of mattresses is being familiar with the companies that make and sell them. The bedding market is a fairly sizable and competitive one, and competition often results in better and better products. When you begin to test the waters, word of mouth as well as unbiased online testimonials from past and current mattress owners can be great assets in your quest for a great night’s sleep. If you’ve had a good experience from a certain company in the past, it may be wise to stick with what you know and trust, but a bit of research will pay dividends.


A sure sign of a great mattress, or most any other product for that matter, is a great warranty. An extensive warranty coverage plan is often a signal that a manufacturer is willing to stand behind its products; your satisfaction is essential to their good reputation, after all. While shopping in showrooms can sometimes lead to prices suddenly inflating when warranties are discussed, online purchases will often have the warranty price included up front. In any case, a great coverage plan can give you greater peace of mind and will make getting to sleep that much easier.

How it Feels

Though a somewhat obvious factor, feeling how a mattress feels is one of the best ways to know if you’ve found the product for you. In this case, a showroom is the best way to try out your options, but some companies will even bring a number of mattress right to your door for testing. Even if you plan to make your ultimate purchase online, experiencing the mattress for yourself is essential to making the best choice.

There are a multitude of different mattresses available today for sleepers of nearly every disposition. Certain bells and whistles like plush mattress toppers and variable firmness adjusters can be deciding factors when you are ready to buy. Here are some examples of popular choices to give you an idea of more details to watch out for.

Serta Perfect Sleeper “Tisane” Super Pillow Top Mattress

An apt ambassador for the classic inner spring mattress, Serta’s Tisane Super Pillow Top Mattress offers solid construction and plenty of features to offer you a peaceful night’s sleep. Featuring Serta’s Outlast Technology fabric, the bed helps to keep you comfortable by regulating temperature. The fabric absorbs and dissipates excess heat and maintains a balanced temperature to keep you as comfortable as possible. This unique material works in tandem with the mattress’s Pillo-fill Fiber, which breathes naturally and keeps your bed cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

This mattress also features Serta’s unique five-zoned Comfort Cushions—hundreds of 3-inch cushions surrounding your body and zoned individually so that they function independently to target and cradle pressure points while causing minimal disturbance for your sleeping partner. Another important area Serta covers is the sturdy Total Edge Foam Encasement border wire, or the wire that rings the top and bottom edges to provide durability and prevent roll-off.

Dream Oaks 10 Inch Enviro Tech Memory Eco-Foam Mattress

The Enviro tech Memory Foam Eco-Foam mattress by Dream Oaks is a great example of an alternative to the classic bedspring design. This fantastic mattress offers all benefits of a normal memory foam mattress and then some. Composed of a natural soy-based open-cell structure foam, Eco Memory Foam offers more efficient heat dissipation than the usual petroleum based memory foam while providing the same responsive performance. The mattress encourages a more natural sleep position by conforming to your body and cradling pressure points unlike any normal mattress for the utmost in relief at the end of a hard day. If that’s not enough to keep you resting easy, the Eco-Foam is made with entirely renewable and biodegradable resources, so you can drift to sleep guilt-free. The mattress’s breathable, yet water and stain resistant surface fabric is a blend of polyester and bamboo fiber.

The mattress you visit every night is one of the most important purchases in most people’s lives, but with careful research and shopping around, you’ll be resting easy before you know it. But before you make a decision, just remember to sleep on it first.

Source by Matt Dimler

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