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Mandatory signs for driving in fog

Driving in foggy weather is one of the riskiest activities even for drivers who hold years of experience. Consequently, it is always advised that if you can, avoid driving in foggy weather as much as possible distorts what you can see. Fog is an expert at creating optical illusions. . However, if it is not possible to get around the situation, you should always observe the mandatory signs for foggy conditions that are usually set up on the road. The thing about fog is that it not only puts a dent to your visual ability but it also

Fog is very likely to be found near places that have large fields, near rivers and other water bodies including man-made dams. Pollution in a place can make fog to be thicker and definitely more dangerous. Normally signs for foggy weather are meant to be switched on to enhance their visibility. 

There are signs for speed limit. There is no way you can drive at unbelievably high speeds in foggy conditions and not cause an accident. You will simply be increasing the likelihood of having an accident. The speed limit for driving in foggy conditions is usually 50km/h. This is the limit when the fog is not extremely thick. In extremely thick fog 30km/h is highly advisable. Most of the other mandatory signs for foggy conditions advise on the nature of the road. A road that meanders severely must have fog signs that will be switched on whenever there is fog. One reason people have accidents in foggy weather is because of driving off the road. The signs therefore serve to warn of sharp turns. 

Junctions and roundabouts are very critical points on a road, more so during foggy weather. Road signs will therefore warn whenever there is a junction or a roundabout ahead. There should be foggy signs for a railways crossing as well. In as much as you may hear a train coming, a visual sign to warn you of just how far the railroad is will come very handy. Luckily most of the level crossings usually have automated signs. 

One of the main causes of road accidents in the UK during foggy weather is the inappropriate use of fog lights or the complete lack of use. Fog lamps are meant to improve visibility during foggy conditions. Unfortunately, there is no mandatory signs which tells a driver to switch on the fog lights when it gets foggy. The front fog lights are meant to be fitted at regulation height and in pairs. 

Very few British drivers know what fog lamps are used for and will use the appropriately. It is not just in Britain but all over the world. Drivers will use the fog lamps when it is merely dark and will rarely use any lights when driving in fog. The rear fog lamps for instance are meant to be used only if the visibility has been reduced critically to something less than 100m. However, this is a problem encountered mainly be people who drive in foggy conditions for the very first time.

Source by John Dever

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