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Light Shrimp Recipes including grilled and fried shrimp

{There are|You will find}{various|numerous}{different|various} cooking {methods|techniques} when {comes|arrives} to <b>light shrimp recipes</b>. {Below|Beneath}{you would|you’d}{find|discover} Western and Asian {taste|flavor} of <b>fried shrimp recipe</b> {as well as|too} <b>grilled shrimp recipe</b>.


<b>Shrimp and Vermicelli Claypot</b>

Serves {4|four}


{3|three} ½ meat, {2|two} ½ starch, {1|one} ½ fat, {1|one} vegetable, {1|one} sugar

Protein 43g

Fat 31g

Carbohydrate 77g

Total {Calories|Calories from fat} 760


16 {large|big} prawns (or crab claws)

50g mung bean vermicelli (softened and drained)

{1|one} tbsp sesame oil

8 cloves garlic (crushed, retaining skin)

{5|five} slices ginger


Sauce {mixture|blend}:

{2|two} tsp {whole|complete} black pepper (Crushed)

{1|one} tbsp oyster sauce

{1|one} Tbsp fish sauce

{2|two} tbsp cooking wine

{2|two} tsp cornstarch

2/3 cupwater


{1|one} bunch coriander leaves ({cut|reduce} into {5|five} cm lengths, reserving roots)

{5|five} stalks spring onions ({cut|reduce} into {5|five} cm lengths)

{2|two} red chilies (shredded)


{Clean|Thoroughly clean} shrimps and {remove|get rid of} shells, leaving talks and heads. Combine sauce {mixture|blend} and {set|arranged}{aside|apart}.

{Heat|Temperature} sesame oil{in a|inside a} claypot on medium {heat|temperature}{until|till} smoke forms. {Place|Put} coriander roots, crushed garlic and sliced ginger {in the|within the}{hot|warm}oil and brown {slightly|somewhat}. {Put|Set}{in the|within the} vermicelli and arrange prawns or crab on top{of the|with the} vermicelli. Pour sauce {over|on top}, and {cook|simmer} covered over{low|lower}{heat|temperature}{for about|for around} 10 {minutes|mins}, or baked in an oven {set|arranged} at 425 Fahrenheit {for about|for around} 20-30 {minutes|mins}. {Remove|Get rid of} from {heat|temperature} and garnish with coriander, {spring|springtime} onions and shredded red chilies.


<b>Stir-fried shrimp and beancurb</b>

Serves 4-6


{3|three} ½ meat, {2|two} fat, {1|one} vegetable, ½ starch, ¼ sugar

Protein 38g

Fat 35g

Carbohydrate 28g

Total {Calories|Calories from fat} 580


200g shrimps (shelled)

{1|one} tsp cooking wine

½ tsp salt

{1|one} tsp cornstarch


{1|one} Tbsp oil

{6|six} pieces spring onion (3cm {long|lengthy})

{6|six} slices ginger

{1|one}cupstock or water


{1|one} square (300g) soft beancurd ({cut|reduce} into chunks)

{1|one} tomato (diced)

1/3 cup green peas

1/3 cup button or straw mushrooms


Thickening {mixture|blend}:

{2|two} tsp cornstarch

{3|three} Tbsp water

{1|one} Tbsp oyster sauce

{1|one} tsp sesame oil

{1|one} tsp sugar

Dash of pepper


Mix cleaned shrimps with salt, wine and cornstarch and {set|arranged}{aside|apart}.

{Heat|Temperature}oil{in a|inside a} wok and stir fry ginger and onion {until|till} fragrant.

Pour {in the|in}stock and {bring|cook}{to a|to} boil.

{Add|Include}{vegetables|veggies} and beancurd {into the|to the}stock and simmer for 2-3 {minutes|mins}, then {add|include} shrimps, cover and {cook|simmer} for {3|three}{more|}{minutes|mins}

{Finally|Lastly}, stir in cornstarch {mixture|blend} and boil {until|till} thickened.


<b>Grilled shrimp with yogurt</b>

Serves {4|four}


{3|three} meat, {1|one} ½ at, {1|one} vegetable, ½ milk

Protein 34g

Fat 30g

Carbohydrate 18g

Total {Calories|Calories from fat} 480


12 {large|big} shrimps / 15 {large|big} shrimps

{1|one} tsp salt

Juice of ½ a lemon



¼ cup plain yogurt

{1|one}{small|little} onion

{1|one} piece thumb size ginger

{4|four} cloves garlic (peeled)

{2|two} candlenuts or {4|four} cashew nuts

{1|one} Tbsp fish curry powder

{2|two} tsp chili powder

{1|one} tsp tomato puree

½ tsp turmeric

½ tsp cinnamon powder

{2|two} tsp oil

Salt and pepper to {taste|flavor}



{2|two} Tbsp chopped coriander

{1|one} Tbsp chopped onions

{1|one} tomato (sliced)

½ cucumber (sliced)


{Clean|Thoroughly clean} shrimps and {remove|get rid of} shells. Marinate them in salt and lemon juice for {at least|a minimum of}{half an hour|30 minutes}. Rinse and drain {thoroughly|completely}.

{In a|Inside a}{food|foods} processor, {blend|mix}{all the|all of the} spice {ingredients|elements}{with the|including} yogurt, oil, salt and pepper {until|till} a {smooth|sleek} paste forms. Rub the thick paste on {all the|all of the} shrimps and marinate for {one|a single} hour. Grill the shrimps 8cm from {heat|temperature}{source|supply}{until|till} golden brown on {both|each} sides, basting the shrimps {with the|using the} sauce {from time to time|every once in awhile}.

Garnish with coriander, onions, cucumber and tomato slices {before|prior to} serving.


Source by Sara Marshall

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