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Is Tempurpedic Toxic?

If you’ve been feeling unwell since purchasing your Tempurpedic, toxic fumes could be causing your problem. Although most people like their new bed and have no issues, a few are sensitive to the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of the bed.

If you’re in love with your memory foam mattress but just can’t tolerate the fumes, then you still have other options. Thankfully, there are many other manufacturers of memory foam mattresses that you can try where you are enjoying the body molding foam without feeling nauseous.

Since most memory foam is a synthetic material, all of the ingredients used to make it are man made. Some of these man made ingredients can cause people with sensitive systems to have bad reactions. These reactions can vary from nausea and vomiting to itchy water eyes, rashes on the skin and sneezing. No matter which one you suffer from, you’re not getting a good night’s sleep.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to definitively rule out your Tempurpedic as the cause. The beginning of your symptoms with the purchase of your new mattress could simply be coincidence. You can do this by completely eliminating your exposure to the mattress. You can either avoid going into the room where the mattress is, or move it to the garage or outside space where you are not likely to come into contact with it. This means that even those not having an adverse reaction or symptoms should not come into contact with it either. They could inadvertently expose you to it through indirect contact and the symptoms will remain. You won’t be able to tell if the mattress is truly the cause if you’re still being exposed without realizing it.

If after removing all exposure your symptoms remain, you know that you need to look elsewhere as to the cause of your allergy. However, if your symptoms reside and you start feeling better, it’s time to start looking for another mattress. You can do this by thoroughly researching other mattresses and finding out what they’re made of to determine the likelihood of having a reaction to them. There are organic memory foam mattresses available and this may be a better option for you.

If you’ve had a bad reaction to your memory foam mattress, you can still get the comfortable night’s sleep that you need without having to suffer the side effects. Although you love your Tempurpedic, toxic chemicals could mean that you have to switch to another form of memory foam mattress.

Source by Karen C. Leblanc

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