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Why i love my mattress

I love it, if I am out of town and have to stop overnight in a hotel. With my budget, I know the rooms are great, but to be really honest, their mattresses are sometimes like sleeping on a wooden plank.


First let me tell you a story.


A decade ago, I was into fitness. I ate right, went to the gym three times a week, loved both the cross trainer and treadmill machines. Not a fan of the rowing machine though.

My only vice was a quiet pint every now and again and a slab of dark chocolate. The nice stuff, 72% was my favourite number.

Hey I was no hunk, I exercised to end the day, relieve stress and try and keep healthy.


Get me so far.


I had an ordinary spring type mattress.

Then my path in life change. About the same time it was that the worlds economy seemed to go to hell in a hand basket.

I woke up one day in hospital, neck brace, spinal board the lot.

What did I do, I had developed epilepsy due to a growth. I had seizures during my sleep and ended up with two fractured shoulders and three fractured vertebrae in my back.

After many months of recovery, and finally back in my own bed at home. It was comfy no more.


I asked around, saw the adverts for the memory foam mattresses, and thought, I really think I need one of those.


I have never looked back.


They feel a bit weird at first when you sink into them. I think also, they can hold the heat a little. I know they have improved the technology, things like coolmax helping to dissipate the heat in summer.


But my shoulders and back feel a whole lot better.

Did I recommend one to a friend when they was suffering, sure as hell I did.

Did they thank me. Yes they did.

My back was left to heal by itself, although I hate the damp weather now.

And my shoulders, well, isn’t titanium great. My first time through security while travelling, I was scared, thinking all the bells and sirens was going to activate. Then me going to be lead away to be strip searched with a guy with large hands.


I needn’t had been scared, explaining things to them and things are good.


So, if you are contemplating changing yours, try one, I have never looked back.


As for me, well, I stopped the gym, my exercise is now walking. There was no way that I could do the exercise I had done before. Those weights, never.

I used to be in the service sector, same reason, with the constant lifting. The continual lifting, shifting, moving things about.

When my shoulders have had enough for a bit, they inform me.


I do carry a book, or sketchbook with me when out walking in the fresh air, as I like to read real books or sketch.


Sometimes with my shoulders having false joints, I have to support them.


Would I get another, yes, a 100% yes. Mine doesn’t have anything like that heat dissipation technology, so I would spend the extra and get one with it.

They can get a bit warm for the week we call summer here in the UK.

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