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Hypnobirthing – How to Make the Most of Your Hypnobirthing Learning

Are you considering a natural birth HypnoBirthing course in Australia? Perhaps you have already done HypnoBirthing and are looking to get the most of what you have learned from the official Mongan Method HypnoBirthing(R) course?

Here are some pointers to get the best out of your HypnoBirthing practice.

Regardless of whom taught you the skills and techniques, if you do not practice them then you may not be able to apply them very well, if at all, come birthing day. Labour surges (contractions) can take you by surprise in their intensity, and unless you know how to fully relax and go within your birthing body you may be caught unawares.

So, what are do you need to do to really integrate your HypnoBirthing learning so that you can be assured of a safe, comfortable and natural birth? The following are lists of suggested activities for mothers and fathers and should by no means be taken as a “be all and end all” of practice suggestions. HypnoBirthing is a relaxed, stress free method of birthing and if the following outline sounds too much like “school” or “hard work”, then do what you are most comfortable doing. Enjoying your pregnancy and your birthing is our aim here!


  • Twice Daily practice of Surge Breathing. When you wake in the morning, and as you go to sleep at night.
  • Daily practice of your affirmations.
  • Daily visualisation of your perfect birthing (during your Surge Breathing practice).
  • Daily practice of either the Glove Relaxation, the Progressive Relaxation, the disappearing letters, the Hypno Birthing Sensory Gate Valve or the Depthometer – find one which works for you better than the others and then practice this one daily

From 36 Weeks onwards…

  • In addition to the above, ensure you drink lots of water daily in the lead up to birthing, to avoid having an IV when you’re in hospital. Two litres per day is suggested as a minimum. Hydration is vital. Even slight dehydration can have an effect on your body’s ability to process birth hormones, the replacement of old amniotic fluid with fresh fluid and to regulate its volume, and to remove any fluid retention you may have in your ankles. Yes, more fluid in helps to expel fluid out, so don’t stop drinking just because you may have fluid retention. Dehydration will also prompt hospital staff to insert an IV drip into your arm which can reduce your mobility or prevent you from labouring in water.
  • Daily Opening Blossom visualisation. Use your image somewhere that you can reflect on it while relaxing. Perhaps put it in the bathroom above the tub or on a wall near your sofa.
  • Birth breathing practice on the toilet. To ensure you’re doing this properly, do birth breathing to breathe out your bowel movement. See how easy it is to breathe out your waste in this way. Imagine that the sensation of your bowel movement is the sensation of giving birth (because it is very similar)
  • Daily 2 x Evening primrose oil capsules orally, and 2 vaginally
  • Daily perineal massage – ask discussed in your class, or use an Epi-No pelvic floor exerciser, available from selected chemists and online.
  • Weekly or twice per week – do a Fear Release relaxation. Ensure there is nothing left that you are fearful of before birth. Do not dismiss anything, identify the fear, release it and let it go
  • Consider seeing a naturopath, homeopath or herbalist by no later than 36 weeks for a tonic to strengthen you. They can give you herbs later to initiate labour, but they will want to have gotten to know you well before they consider doing so. If you approach them too late they may refuse to treat you.
  • As you can see there are many things which you can do to further your HypnoBirthing birthing preparation. Keep them up. As with anything in life practice makes perfect. Just doing a HypnoBirthing course is of little use to you if you do not practice what has been taught and live the lifestyle of “walking relaxation”.

FOR FATHERS and BIRTH COMPANIONS (midwife, doula, friend)

  • Daily. Watch mum for any signs of stress or tension. If there is any, ensure that you help her to relax. Initiate relaxation, guide her through some birthing imagery and practice reading the scripts to her. She needs to become comfortable with your voice going through the scripts
  • Daily practice soft touch massage
  • If there are other children in the house, ensure they’re off to bed and asleep so that mum can practice in peace; similarly, turn off the phone, TV, radio or any other noise making device so that mum can truly relax
  • Plant the anchor to bring mum into deep relaxation at a moment’s notice – use “Deeply Relaxed” or similar, and use downward pressure to indicate letting go
  • Daily Foot and leg massages for mum to alleviate any swelling of the ankles and lower legs. Use a non scented vegetable oil to reduce allergy risks
  • Daily affirmations for yourself – you are a wonderful parent who guides with love
  • Fear release relaxation if you think you might be putting your fears onto mum – don’t dismiss fears, even unspoken ones can be communicated accidentally. Release them and let them go. Fear does not serve you, mum or your baby
  • Practice reading your Birth Companion Deepening scripts aloud to yourself and also to mum. Mum needs to hear a soft, confident tone and it will benefit you too (to relax you, and give you confident speaking skills)
  • Whisper loving, gentle words to mum whenever you hug her.
  • Take time for yourself to relax too

Happy HypnoBirthing!

Source by Georgia Julian

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