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How to Stop Snoring Almost Immediately and For Good

Snoring can be just a nuisance or it can be a serious health issue, not to mention it can keep you awake and your spouse. You have to first rule out sleep apnea because that will need medical attention. If you know that you don’t have sleep apnea then there are things you can do to help stop your snoring for good.

First, use a good pillow. It’s crazy how many people use pillows that are flat, bad for their necks, and put their head in a position that makes it easy to snore. You want to make sure that you use a pillow that will keep your head elevated so your airway can remain open. That way the tissue in the back of your throat won’t vibrate. Have your spouse take a picture of your when you’re laying down so you can see the position your head is in and that will help you know how to correct it.

Change your bed sheets. You may have never thought about this before, but you may be suffering from allergies and that can be making your snore. Cotton sheets provide an environment that is perfect for dust mites and mold. This can easily cause breathing problems and inflammation which will cause your to snore. Use silk sheets and watch this become a problem of the past because they create an environment where dust mites can’t survive.

Use a humidifier. Another cause of airways getting blocked is dry air. This causes mucus to solidify and make it really hard to breath properly. If you use a humidifier then you can keep nice moist air circulating. This will help to keep your airways open and that may be all you need to stop your snoring problems.

These are only three different ways that you can help your snoring problem. Just know that this is a real problem and you really need to help fix it. When you do, you will notice how much better your sleep is and how much more your spouse will love sleeping with you.

Source by Dan Wells

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