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How To Protect Your Bedding From Bed Bugs

If your home has become infested with bed bugs or is at risk of getting them, a bed bug mattress cover may help in your battle against these horrible little insects. No longer do bed bugs only live in dirty unkempt houses. They are becoming an epidemic in the United States in recent years. It is estimated that one in twenty homes now has a bed bug problem. Most exterminators agree the number one defense for the prevention of bed bugs is the covering of bedding with bug proof sheets. Once bed bugs have gained entrance to a mattress they are much harder to get rid of.

Tend to Dirty Laundry. Do not throw dirty clothes on the floor or leave them piled up on the bed. Use a clothes hamper until ready to launder. Do not let hamper remain full of clothes more than five days. When hamper is empty spray with Lysol and a sprinkling of baking soda. Make dirty clothes a difficult place for bugs to hide.

Clean Carpets. If possible, get rid of wall-to-wall carpeting. Opt for area rugs that can be cleaned and aired outside the home on sunny days at least once a week. Remember Bed Bugs don’t like fresh air or light. If area rugs are not cushiony enough, purchase rug pads that can be washed. Steam clean carpets or have them professionally cleaned at the beginning of each season.

Vacuum Often. Vacuum at least every other day. If there’s not enough time to vacuum often, purchase a robotic vacuum like Roomba that can be programmed to vacuum when no one is home and vacuums both carpets and floors. Just make sure to empty the bin or change the bag often. It’s important to keep vacuums clean so as not to create a new home for the bugs.

If you have discovered that your house is in fact infested with bed bugs, the first area that you need to address is the mattress. If you have recently purchased a new mattress and there are no rips or tears in it, you may purchase of a bed bugs mattress cover. If your bed is old and already has tears or holes in it, it is likely that the bed bugs are already living inside.  In this case, a quality mattress encasement will seal the bugs in, so that they cannot escape and bite you and your loved ones.

Attend to Pets. Keep pets off the bed! A fluffy kitten or dog are bed bug attractors. Get pets their own bed and vacuum and air outside often.

Keep Bed Bugs Away by Avoiding Certain Habits

  • Do not eat in bed, if you do clean up after by removing sheets and vacuuming.
  • Do not bring food, or leave dirty plates and glasses in the bedroom.
  • Do not bring into the bedroom dirty shoes or sneakers, shopping bags, or anything that hasn’t been cleaned first.

Preventing bed bugs is easier than eliminating them. Keep the bedroom as a place for relaxation and sleep. A clean, fresh, and uncluttered room can have an amazing influence in your life. Try it and enjoy a life free of embarrassing and annoying bed bugs.

How To Find The Right Bed Bug Mattress Protector For You

Be sure to measure the area of the bed, including the box spring as that should also be covered either together or separately. A vinyl bed bug mattress cover or polyurethane lined cover is the best. Not only will they keep the bugs out, they are also moisture resilient. Also, make sure that you buy a deep enough pad. Having a cover that is a bit too big is just fine, but one that is too small will never fit on the mattress.  The cover will also keep dust mites and other allergens out for those who sufferer with allergies.

One last thing: People tend to forget about pillows. These also need to be covered to keep bed bugs and other allergens out of the bedding. For the most comfort, you will want a bed bug pillowcase that is made from a breathable fabric and has a polyurethane lining. This type of case will not get as hot as one made from vinyl.

Covers and pads can be purchased at most brick and mortar stores and more conveniently, online. The best bed bug mattress cover that I have for sale online is the Protected-Bed Waterproof Bed Bug Proof Zippered Bedding Encasement. With a polyurethane backing it will not be hot to sleep on, is machine washable, and has the convenience of being zippered on three sides for easy removal. Not only is the case certified against bed bugs, but is will also keep dust mites and allergens out of a box spring or mattress. For further information on how to save almost 50% of the retail price and receive free shipping, Click Here.

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