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How to Make Yourself to Fall Asleep After You Have Lie Down on the Bed More Than 30 Minutes?

Are you having difficulty to sleep at night? Maybe sometimes you are trying hard to fall asleep because of stress; your mind is still active by thinking and worrying what to do on the next day. Your daily problems such as relationship problems, working pressure, financial problems and so on will affect your quality and ability to sleep well at night.

I can believe that you may have encountered the problems of trying hard to sleep at night by tossing, turning around on the bed. When you have spent time on the bed trying hard to sleep more than 30 minutes but you are still awake, then you should not keep on doing that on your bed. Then, what to do and how to make yourself to fall asleep during that time?Firstly, you have to immediately get up from your bed in order for you to reduce the time you spend awake on your bed. It is because it can help you to sleep easily and stay asleep through the night. If you have lie down on the bed awake more than 30 minutes, you will build up the phenomenon so called ‘sleep pressure’ and it will make you even more difficult to sleep. So, you only go to the bed when you are really feel sleepy to avoid yourself getting any difficulty to fall asleep.What should you do to make yourself to sleep easily and quickly after you have get up from the bed? Do not worry about the problems of sleeplessness, you just have to do some boring chores, such as watching dishes, doing some paperwork, which are not arouse you so much. You can also read a book that will make you feel sleepy easily, such as reading the book that will make you feel boring on it. You can also do some light exercises, such as stretches or light Yoga poses, which are good ideas too.Besides that, you can listen to the brainwave entrainment sound in MP3 player that can help to train your brain to feel sleepy in your bed room by sitting up straight on a chair. It will relax your body and mind first, and then it will make you fall asleep easily later.You will feel drowsy soon or until you are feeling a bit sleepy and tired, then you can stop reading or doing your dishes or paperwork. Go to sleep now, it is believable that you can sleep quickly within minutes and can sleep deeply now until sunrise in the next morning.In order not to spend a lot of time awake on the bed, better not to sleep in the next morning. But if you are really feeling sleepy and tired, then go to take a short ultra restorative nap. By taking a short ultra restorative nap is good too because it can boost your energy level and productivity tremendously. Besides that, you have to sleep at night and wake up in the morning at the same time everyday for training your mind and body to fall asleep easily and quickly within minutes.

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