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How to Increase the Life Span of Your Mattress

How to Increase the Life Span of Your Mattress

There’s no denying that mattresses are an investment. From memory foam technology to pocket-sprung mattresses, there are so many to choose from that you must be sure you know what you are purchasing. Did you know that you should change your mattress once every seven years? Many people are sleeping on old, sagging hand-me-down mattresses that are well over the seven-year limit. What you may not know is that this can be harmful for your body and your health. Follow these four tips for mattress care to extend the life of your mattress and create a healthy sleeping environment.

Tip #1: Open with care. When your new mattress arrives, it will likely be wrapped and crated. It is important to open your mattress immediately to allow it to breathe. This is especially true of a memory foam mattress, which has probably been rolled and vacuum-sealed. Once you open your new mattress, give it time to settle before dressing it and sleeping in it. A full day is usually enough time for a mattress to breathe. You also want to check at this time for any imperfections or damages to your mattress during shipping.

Tip #2: Be preventive. One of the best ways to extend the life of your new mattress is to place a mattress pad or cover on it. These pads are usually quite affordable and act to put a layer of protection between you and your new investment. An especially good idea for children’s mattresses, a mattress cover protects your purchase from spills, liquids or other accidents.

Tip #3: Let it breathe. As we sleep, moisture tends to build up and settle in our bedding and mattresses. It’s a good idea to pull back the bedding each day and let the mattress air out. This way, any moisture build up has the opportunity to evaporate and your mattress will remain unharmed and dry. About twenty minutes of airing is enough to air out your mattress and ward off dust mites that may gather in stuffy bedding.

Tip #4: Follow manufacturer recommendations. Every brand new mattress comes with manufacturer recommendations. This can tell you when to flip your mattress, how to clean it and the amount of time you have under warranty. It may also tell you of any guarantees or sag-warranties that can be very important as years go by. It is crucial to follow all of your new mattress guidelines to ensure that the life of your mattress is extended and you are doing all that you can to create the best night’s sleep possible.

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