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How To Get A Great Camping Shower With Lots Of Hot Water

Very often, people do not go camping in far-off places simply because they don’t like the lack of amenities. But in fact, this need not be a worry as today there are so many new products that allow you to enjoy all the comforts of home while out in the bush. For instance, the camping shower need no longer be an unattainable dream. The simple installation of a heat exchange device to the engine of your vehicle will provide ample hot water, both for showers and for washing up.

When you take advantage of heat exchange technology you will be amazed at just how convenient everything to do with cleaning becomes. You install the device quite simply, by mounting it to the engine frame, cutting some hoses and joining them to the unit before you leave on your trip. When you need a shower, all you do is add one hose to a bucket of water and start up the engine.

In fact, they can go in a boat engine too, so that you can really get out and about and explore or fish and not have to come home for that all important shower. This means that you can go even further – so long as you plan it, of course. You still need to take drinking water and food.

The heat exchanger unit will store a small amount of hot water and is ideal for tradesmen who need hot water to wash up their hands when they are out on a job. It can also be used for washing up the tea dishes in a caravan instead of using your other water supplies. However, when used properly they don’t rely on this small amount of water, but can provide much more.

When you have plenty of camping hot water you will feel much more comfortable about taking small children or even a toddler on a camping holiday. They can have their warm bath in a basin at the end of the day and go to bed feeling refreshed and clean. So, of course, can their parents. In fact, being able to enjoy a nice hot shower after a hard day of camping activities will soothe aching muscles and ensure you get a good night’s sleep.

So if you have ever thought wistfully of being able to go on a camping trip without having to forego those nice amenities, now you know that it is certainly possible – and better still, it is quite affordable too.

Source by Michele Wood

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