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How Does A Pressure Relieving Mattress Work?

Usually due to chronic pain in their legs and or lower backs, they are spending excessive amounts of time in wheel chairs, in their beds or just in chairs on their front porches or living rooms.

If this sounds like yours or a loved one’s story then you also must know that ulcers can be a problem that is brought on by this situation. The good news today though, is that there are now viable and affordable solutions in the form of an ever growing number of bedding and padding products made with amazing memory foam.

The secret to memory foam is in its actual molecular structure. You see, the molecules that are used to create this new type of space age foam are much longer. In fact if you were able to actually see the molecules in this amazing foam and how they combine together, it would look something like a bowl of molecular spaghetti.

Memory foam was developed by NASA to use in the seats of astronauts on long space flights. Their problem wasn’t ulcers though. Rather, it was just extreme discomfort, particularly during lift off when their lower backs were subjected to high levels of pressure, due to the thrust of the rocket engines.

One huge difference between new memory foam and even softer foam products, is that memory foam reacts to heat given off by the body. This makes a big difference for people who have very sensitive conditions because it eliminates the need for constant pressure that standard foam requires to stay contracted.

So it’s no wonder that manufacturers now have several styles of foam pads that are made specifically for all types of seating situations. This means that if you have said a wheel chair that’s not equipped with memory foam; there is a pad that you can buy that simply drops in the seat.

Better hospitals and nursing homes are all busy replacing all of their standard mattresses with new high tech memory foam mattresses and the result is far fewer ulcer problems in their bed ridden patients. Even so, be aware that you don’t need to be bedridden to enjoy the enhanced level of comfort that a mattress like this provides.

Also bear in mind that memory foam mattresses now come in all sizes so you don’t have to be in a hospital or nursing home to buy and use one. You will pay more for one of these mattresses then you will with a standard mattress, but those who have made the switch, all without exception say that it was well worth it.

However; today there is one solution or option for people who are afflicted with any condition that leads to constant lingering pain and that is memory foam or the pressure relief mattress that contains memory foam. It is common knowledge now that a pressure relief mattress made with memory foam can help those who suffer this way to sleep better and so much more soundly.

Source by Katrina Wagner

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