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House Slippers With Memory Foam

If you enjoy the comfort and coziness of house slippers then you should try slippers that have memory foam soles. The house slipper with memory foam is a very comfortable slipper that provides a level of support and comfort that other slippers just simply cannot provide.

Memory foam was created by NASA in the 1970s at their Ames Research Center. It was created by the NASA research scientists to help the astronauts absorb the inordinate amount of G forces that they were exposed to during lift off and reentry. After several years the foam was perfected. Later it would be used in hospitals for people in post-op, people with bedsores, or people with severe injuries. Then in the early 1990s a Swedish Company called Tempur-Pedic perfected it for use in mattresses. Because of the popularity of the Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress many other manufacturers began experimenting with memory foam by making their own mattresses and by also putting it in other products (such as slippers).

So having NASA created comfort on your feet is not such a bad thing. These also make a lovely gift. They make an incredible gift to give someone you love during the holidays, for birthday parties, or any other special occasion (think Father’s or Mother’s Day).

How Do Memory Foam House Slippers Work?

The memory foam that goes on the bottom of the slippers is composed of hundreds to thousands of tiny little ” memory cells” that work by absorbing heat and pressure from your body. Whenever anyone takes a step down into the shoe their foot sinks down into the memory foam and the foam contours around every part of the foot. It also displaces the body weight over the entire surface of the bottom of the shoe which removes some of the shock and pressure that would normally form are on the balls of your feet and also on the heel of your feet. This elimination of shock and pressure is not only extremely comfortable but it can also be beneficial. It’s beneficial in a way that it’s less stressful for your body. It’s less stressful because of the elimination of shock which can be harmful to your joints such as your knees and hips (and also your lower back). When you take a step it sends shockwaves up your leg which reverberate in your joints and lower back. The foam helps to eliminate this shock.

So Where Do You Find This Type Of Slipper?

You can find this type of slipper offline or online. Offline you could probably find it in stores at your local shopping center. The only problem you may run into is that the stores at your local shopping mall will probably only have one or two different types of slippers with memory foam. This will severely limit your choices. Also they may not be the highest quality (but they’ll be expensive anyway).

Try shopping online for the slippers. Online you have access to thousands and thousands of retailers. All you need to do is go to your favorite search engine and type in “memory foam slippers” and you’ll have a list of thousands of sites you can look at. Most slippers with memory foam will run between $25.00 and $200. Try to find slippers with foam that is made in the United States or Canada. Foam made outside of these countries can sometimes be very low quality and also contain toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde and PBDE.

So if you’re looking for a good present for someone close to you or you simply want to find a pair of very comfortable and supportive house slippers then try a pair of memory foam house slippers.

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