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Health Benefits of Memory Foam Pillows

Sleeping on the wrong pillow can frequently be the cause of neck pain in the morning, sleep disorders and general discomfort. Typically, problems like these do result from having the wrong pillow and the wrong mattress, but if you start with your pillow, you’ll be able to resolve many physiological issues in your neck and shoulders for relatively short money. Memory foam pillows, for instance, can truly make a difference in your long term health.

The human body has a natural alignment that needs to be maintained to achieve deep and rejuvenating sleep. For instance, when lying in your bed, you need be ensure that your shoulder and neck are in appropriate positions. Your shoulders should never be in a position that is ninety degrees from the mattress, so if you sleep on your side, your shoulder should not rest directly below the rest of your body. When you side sleep and your shoulder and arm are beneath you, you can damage your muscles by impeding circulation. You can also cause muscle spasms in your upper back and neck by sleeping in this unnatural position which can then cause discomfort once you are awake because these critical muscles balance the head and need to be at rest when you sleep.

Another factor in proper shoulder positioning is that it will usually prompt an improper neck and head position. For instance, sleeping with your shoulders at 90 degrees to your mattress may prompt you to elevate your head to an unnecessarily high position. This may lead to using a larger pillow or an extra firm pillow to prop your head up and this can compound shoulder issues and actually make your situation worse.

Your head and your shoulders should align as they do when you are awake, when you sleep. Your head and neck should rest properly between your shoulder blades because this alignment will allow your body to come to rest. If your pillow leaves your head at a down angle or at an up angle you are actually putting stress on your spine, joints and muscles during sleep, which can lead to muscle spasms and cervical neck problems after a protracted period of time.

Specifically, your cervical vertebrae, the C2 and C3, can be compromised by long term sleep position problems if you are a side sleeper. Discs can herniated and bulge when consistently irritated and mal-positioned. Additionally, if you sleep on your back and you put too much or too little pillow beneath your head, you can irritate your C6 and C7 cervical vertebrae. The C6 and C7 can actually cause upper back pain between your shoulders and all the way down your arms.

In the long term, any issues with your shoulders and neck will be tightly related to one another. If you develop one issue, the other is almost sure to follow unless you address the issue. Sleeping in proper alignment is critical to your ultimate health and well being. Choosing the right pillow, like a memory foam pillow that can properly support your head and neck in the right position can mean the difference between constant pain and a healthy spine and neck.

You should also look at your choice in mattress. Every person is different and where a firm mattress may help one person, an airbed may be right for another while a memory foam mattress can be the best ultimate choice for someone else. Specialty sleep options abound in today’s mattress and bed market, so you have a number of options available that could make an enormous impact on your long term health. No matter which kind of pillow or mattress you ultimately choose, decide on one that will truly support your body properly. If you are in alignment, you will get better rest and your body will thank you for it!

Source by Blair Stephens

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