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Getting the Best Sleep with the Right Duvet Inner

Choosing linen is usually the last step you take when finalising the interior design of a room. Colours are the most important thing aesthetically and often the first consideration; having your bed linen fit in with the rest of the decor of the room and its colour-scheme is what completes a bedroom’s look. Fabrics are the next most important choice with people often willing to sacrifice comfort to ensure that the bedroom looks as good as it can.

There’s no reason to go without though; with a bit of research and time, you can improve your quality of sleep. Different types of threads and fabrics for your sheets and duvet cover can make a real difference. Breathability, thickness and warmth are all dependant on the type of fabrics you choose for your bedding. Finally, then your bedroom is complete, right?

Wrong. One of the most important aspects of your bed for comfort is the duvet inner. Because it is never seen, it is almost never thought about, but a quality duvet inner can have a huge impact on your sleep. All of those nights spent tossing and turning, sweaty under a hot duvet is usually not because of the weather, but because of the quality of your duvet inner. With the right duvet inner, you will notice a drastic improvement in your quality of sleep. Take some time to choose what’s right for you; there are many different types of inners to suit different types of people.

Down feather duvets are some of the most popular for their incredible warmth and comfort. If you usually feel the night time chill, down feather is great for keeping toasty. You also have the choice between goose and duck feather, with both giving a great sense of warmth and the latter being heavier and more snug. Filling is the most important part of a duvet inner, completely changing the way it feels.

Down feather is one of the more expensive options. Synthetic duvets, like those made of hollow fibre, are a cheaper option that some people prefer. Hollow fibre duvets are made of a polyester filling in a polycotton cover – they are a lot easier to wash than their down feather counterparts.

For a sleeper who prefers a lighter, more breathable option, silk duvet inners are probably the best way to go. Lightweight, warm and, most importantly, versatile across the seasons, mulberry silk duvet inners are cool when you need them to be and fit for any weather. Silk is also extremely hypoallergenic and perfect for sensitive skin.

Don’t lose anymore sleep under the wrong duvet inner. Pick the fabric that is right for you and rest easy at night.

Source by Ian Thomson

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